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  • Shrimp pots?

    I am debating going on a halibut charter this summer. I was thinking about dropping a few shrimp pots on the way out and picking them up on the way in. Has anyone ever done this with a charter before? Am i completely out of my gourd for thinking a charter would do this? Also can you do this in Seward, or Homer? Im just trying to get the most amount of food since its a long way from the interior. Thanks everyone!
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    Not worth it

    It is not worth buying the pots, rope, bouy and such for only a few shrimp.

    I also doubt if any charter is going to let you hold up the fishing of all the other paying parties on board to drop pots. If I was a paying person on board I'd have something to say about wasting my time for your dropping pots.

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      Unless you can charter the whole boat, then I imagine they would do what you want them too...


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        Additionally, there is no shrimp season in Homer.


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