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  • Fairbanks area

    I will be in the Fairbanks area end of July first of August and really want to fish; any ideas? Rivers/Lakes

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    By that time there will be no salmon left. I would head to most of the lakes from small trout or Pike. Volkmar lake (fly in) is great for pike. Best of luck
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      Yeah you will be a little late for the Kings and too early for the Clearwater Silvers. I would suggest hitting on of the big lake between Fairbanks and Delta Junction (Chena,Harding, Birch, Quartz). Most people just use bobbers and worms. Theres always the Chena River, you have a good chance of catching some Grayling in there. Dry flies if you fly fish, and small spinners if you dont.

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        Fairbanks area

        I will be in Fairbanks for 2 days (7/2-4), and am looking for any suggestions as to where I can wet a line for a few hours. Might also have my young son with me so looking for place where he might hook a few.


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          Couple of Options

          As stated by Chris Chena has Grayling with a little drive time you can be into better Grayling i.e. above 38 mile fishing the North Fork and Middle Fork.

          You also have some fishing although not stellar still available in Chena/Badger slough as well as local stock lakes along Steese heading to Circle.

          If you looking for a mixed bag there is Pike Fishing check out North Country Charters as well as Rick Gold Air both have quality operations and are located in Fairbanks.

          If your military or have access to military property through a connections there is ample fishing on Eielson property as well to inlcude Rainbows, Pike, Char and Garyling.

          Another nice side bar 90 mile drive would be to fish Birch, Scout, Lost, and Quartz Lakes and the Delta Clear Water river near Delta Junction. Nice Road trip with a good Buffalo Burger to be had.

          Have a Great Day, Best Wishes and Tight Lines

          Richard Mousseau


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