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Earliest Ship Creek King?

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  • Earliest Ship Creek King?

    What's the earliest anyone here has caught one?

    Heard of one caught?

    Going fishing there this year?

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    You may want to try a search, there was a fairly in-depth thread on this last summer.

    Nurse by night, Alaska adventurer by day!


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      I think the peak is around the first week of June, I've caught fish there as early as the 20th of May or so


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        May 1st was the earliest I've hooked into one and the 16th of May is the earliest I've landed a King in Ship.


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          Prediction: First King Landed on May 12

          For the first few weeks of the season, I'll leave it to the hardcore anglers to enjoy the peace and solitude of Ship Creek while dodging icebergs.

          Of course, I'll be monitoring the reports on this site every hour in eager anticipation of the announcement that a fish has been landed and there's fresh blood on the rocks.

          Once the word gets out, I'll hustle down there to join the crowd of 500-plus other hopefuls seeking to do battle with a hawg king salmon.

          Good luck to whoever brings home the "First Fish Trophy" this year. Traditionally, it seems that the "seal" is broken around mid-May. Therefore, my guess is that the fireworks will go off on May 12 this year. :eek:


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