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Ice Fishing & The Regs?

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  • Ice Fishing & The Regs?

    I have heard of people using florescent green scuba diving lights to attract fish under the ice. They would attach either a green glowing battery powered or snap glow stick to mono line and drop it down the hole to attract fish. It just so happens I have heard people who fish halibut have had great success with this tactic and that is where it is derived.

    As far as the law goes some have said this is legal and some have said it is just the opposite. I need to brush up on my regs but does anyone know of a section in the regulations that states artificial light is prohibited to attract fish?

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    The safest bet is going to be to contact F&G directly. That way there is no confusion.

    But I have not heard either way if it is. Please let us know what you find out and if it works well for you.


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      did not work

      hey i tried one of those lights for ice fishing and it did not benifit me in the 4 or 5 days i used it before returing it. looking down the hole it was brighter and you could see that it did attract small i guess like plankton looking microorganisms. i dont know what they were. but i guess if you used it long enough im sure that those would attract minnows that would attract larger fish so in theory it would work but it did not for us. hopefully it works for you though. vance
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        I have tried all kinds of lights. Only one works. That is a lazer light. Hit a bare hook with a lazer and it triggers an immediate, involuntary strike. The first person that comes up with lazer lures, will be rich beyond measure. Try it in a fish tank. You will be amazed at the fishes behavior. I have and believe me, nothing like it. They will tear the tank up. Pike will strike a bare hook, when fished shallow and hit with a lazer light.
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          The reason I bring this up is because I have heard stories of people using green lights (I am unsure if they are lazer lights or not) for halibut fishing. this yeilded great success and they tried it ice fishing. According to the story teller they would catch much more fish while dropping the green light down another hold about 5 feet away from the hole they were fishing in. And, of course, it would be connected by mono line so it was retrievable when the day was over. Also they said when you look at the light in the water you would see fish bumping it.

          The light being used was a light subadivers use to locate the where abouts of their boat. Awhile back they were for sale on Ebay but they were expensive, around $12 +shipping for one.


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            Used the glow stick on a float while night fishing for walleye in the lower 48 -- This was done so I could monitor the float and did not think any fish were attracted to it -- never crossed my mind to attach it to the gear. Lots of glow-in-the-dark corkies though.


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              Under Water Cam

              use a under water cam, mine has 60 feet of cable. I have never been skunked ice fishing with this cam. You can watch the fish hit the bait, if no fish in cam view, move!

              Later, autoglass


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