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    This is a funny little story,

    One day a few years back the wife and I took a trip up the clearwater river to do a little fishing. I was going to teach her how to fly fish. It was a nice sunny day and we were pretty relaxed, drinking our soda's, and just enjoying the ride up the river. We get to this spot and I droped anchor in the middle of the river so as not to be bothered by willows and such, and pulled out the stick. She says she wants to watch me for a bit before she trys. So here I go and start whiping that stick around and get about 30' out there whirling around ( I did tell her to sit behind me) and I pull in a couple of 16" grayling. Well she's starting to get into it and told me to pull in one more and then she would try so here I go again. I get about 20' of line out, kinda drying the fly out, and whiped it forward to release it and nothing happened, looked behind me and there she is with the hook right in the middle of her top lip perfectly placed:eek: She has this strange look on her face, and I tell her not to move, grab my leatherman and extracted the hook in one swift move before she could even think about it. She had got up to go to the back of the boat at the wrong time.
    I wish I could've had time to get a camera but then she would'nt have let me pull it out if she had time to think about. Needless to say she did'nt want to fish anymore that day. We are no longer toghter, but when we talk we still get a good laugh about that day.

    Tell us some of your mishaps.

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    Down at Ship creek

    my buddy and I were fishing the late night tide for silvers. It was about 11:10pm and I had one on the stringer. I hooked and landed a huge pink(was about 6lbs). As I sild my hand down my leader to unhook it, it started trashing. That caused the hook to come out and unfortunately it embedded into the palm of my hand. Of course it would be at this time my wife showa up to see how we're doing. I start up out of the creek, which when my buddy sees me do this he knew something was wrong. He knew darn well that unless something was wrong there was no way I would leave the creek with only one fish and the school pushing the tide. He met me on the bank with my wife and they both were asking if I was ok. I told my wife to bring the car over and told my buddy to find some alcohol. He went and got a bottle of R&R out of his truck. Using the headlights of the car, I rinsed off my hand. Had my buddy cut off the eye of the hook, and my wife pushed it all the way through. I then wrapped it with gause and covered that with a rubber glove from the 1st aid kit. My wife said lets get you home and get this cleaned right. I told her give me about 10 minutes. By this time we had a small audience for the bankside er show. I grabbed my rod, tied on a new leader, walked back down the bank. It was now 11:50pm. I landed my last 2 fish by 11:58pm and headed for the car. Got home and the wife cleaned up my hand the right way. 10 minutes later I was on my way back to the creek to catch the outgoing tide.


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      My daughter and I were fishing (well she was) on the lake I live on and she managed to hook herself. The hook went all the way through the meat on her finger. I was about 10 feet away from her when she called "daddy" in a very scared way. I rushed over and saw what she had done. The whole thing was complicated in that I had just gotten out of a cast that had gone from finger tip to shoulder from surgery. I could not use my right arm at all as I could not rotate my hand over; it was stuck palm up (long story). I could not remove the hook with only my left hand and our house was about 1/2 mile from where we were. She was close to going into tears, so I told her how hard her uncle cried when he did the same thing. I managed to get her laughing about that as we trekked back to the house. Once at the house, my wife cut the barb off and removed the hook. My daughter then called my brother and told him what a wimp he was. She never shed a tear in the end, so it was a triple win for me: tough little girl, great medic of a wife, and my daughter calling my older brother a wimp.


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        Hey hook removal guys...search on YouTube for "hook removal". There are easier ways!!

        Me and my dog were boat fishing a small lake. Hit the dock and got the dog out on a leash to take him to my truck while I loaded the boat. There was another boat at the dock and I was talking to the guy in it about the fishing. Next thing I see is one of his rods bent, problem is...it's not a fish on the other end, it's my dang dog!! He wanted to taste salmon eggs. I sat down on him so he couldn't move and pulled the hook out, the barb was not embedded thank god! The guy was apologizing like crazy but I kept telling him no worries it was my fault for not paying attention. I don't use bait very often, maybe a nightcrawler once in a while, so my dog had no idea what that was. We laughed and I made sure he knew that was about a 50lber he had on!


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          Quite a few years ago, a couple of buddies and I were fishing the Chena Slough in his Dingy on a nice sized "lake" before F&G tore down all the beaver dams that were creating little ponds through the system. We were nailing the pike all day and we were just about to go back to shore as it was getting late. I wanted to make one last cast and as I did, the Rapala I was using decided to burry itself in to top of my buddies head. As I went to cast, he happend to move to the rowers seat and I didn't realize it. With us being troubled teenagers, all of the buddies convince the one with the hook in his head not to go to the hospital to have it removed. He agreed, probably due to peer pressure, to have one of us take out the hook. We were yanking, and yanking, and yanking, it just would not come out. He must have been in extreme pain.:eek: Well, somebody had the bright idea that we should use the surgical scissors we had to remove it, we thought he was screaming loud before, you should have heard him when we started. About two minutes and three chunks of scalp later we had the hook out, along with a bloody mess. Long story short, always look behind you before casting, I know I've learned that lesson.

          Fish On!
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            I have a video emailed to me but can't figure out how to post it..
            It sure made my butt pucker watching it.
            maybe i can email it to some one that is more savy on how to post it..


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              new ear piercing

              A few summers ago my dad and I went on a float plant trip out to Wolverine Creek. Anyone who has been there before knows the set up. Bear viewing boats line up next to the rocks and fishing boats line up to the left of them on the other side of the fish. Well after hours of catching anchor lines and waiting single file to get to the front of the line, the boat behind us starts making all this noise. Thinking they got a nice silver on i go to look. The guy who had taken his girlfriend and sister out on the trip now had an ear piercing. Right through the lobe. They ended up cutting the line and leaving it in for a little decoration and story to tell when they got back. We asked them how it happened and apparently his line had got caught on the anchor line and when he jerked to get the hook off, it shot at his face and pierced right through his lobe.


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                Heres one more,

                I was in Calif and decided to drop a line off a pier in Long Beach not really expecting to catch anything. Was just sitting back having a beer with a couple of other guys and all of a sudden the pole gives a big yank and I have something on there. Mind you I'm 30 feet above the water trying to think how I can clear a path to the beach over 200' away, then jump over the side and get this thing in . It was big and fighting me to no end. About 2 minutes into this it broke my 25 lb test, dang almost had him. About 2 min.s later here comes this diver out of the water holding his leg.


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                  Paging G_smolt, kwickfish and treble hooks

                  I've almost been snagged by a client or two... Oh and a word to the wise make your hooks barbless when practicing spey casts, fortunately it just got my coat

                  Once watched a dude pierce his nose with a 3/8oz pixee at cambell creek, saw him about half an hour later walking towards providence on tudor pixee still dangling
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                    Not me personally but

                    Once when hiking up the Russian I met up with a party of folks who were headed for the campground. One gal was holding her hand over her face so, being a medic I suggested that I have a look. The hook went through her eyelid and her eyebrow, effectively pinning her eye open. She was quite calm about it and I agreed the best thing would be they continue on in the the ER with her. Yikes!
                    If anything is going to happen, it'll happen out there.


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                      this ones not as gory...

                      when i was a kid we used to go to seward about every weekend. i used to fish the culvert on the incoming tide and after i caught my fish my dad would let me go flounder fishing on the docks. this day went rather well and i had a few nice flounder on the docks when i hooked into something big. i only had a small trout pole with 10lb test and i was trying my best to keep the pole from breaking. a small crowd had gathered to see what was on the end of my line, taking pics and stuff. about 20 mins. later it finally came to the surface..... it was a cable from the bottom of the harbor!! god i was soooo embarrassed i scooped up my gear and my fish and took off out of there while the people that had gathered were laughing so hard....


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                        While on a fishing trek thru the Northwest my wife and I stopped at the fabled Deshutes. She sat on the bank to watch for a while as I started throwing casts with my flyrod and a size 18 nymph pattern. There was an ocassional gusty breeze blowing downriver. On about my third cast my line made a sudden stop and I watched a portion of my line fall casually in front of me. Most of it, anyhow. Lodged securely in my upper ear sat the size 18. To make a long story short, my wife performed surgery with an oversized pliers for about 20 minutes. The entire hook except the very eye was buried to the hilt. No way to turn it thru to get at the barb. By the time she was done with the surgery, I looked like I had been shot in the head with an '06'. Man, those ears can bleed. Thank god the river water was ice cold. Cold enough to freeze my brain and allow me to fish for another 45 minutes. By then my ear swelled up like a small squash. We still laugh about it.


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                          I nailed my self once. while fishing Goose creek on the parks... Long before it became popular...

                          i had been catching pinks all day.. and looking for the elusive Silver...

                          getting tired i worked my way back up stream casting and catching ... when just below the road my shiny new pixie was nailed. and silver on!!.. nice fat buck took off up stream and peeled a ton of line off then turned and raced back at me... as he turned in the bank he spit the hook...

                          as i felt it sink into my shoulder. it was one of those ah... sh moments.

                          being just behind the collar bone i could not see it to pull.. so i waded across the creek and asked the guy walking down to help me out....

                          he looked, and i caught him as he fainted and nearly landed in the creek. LOL...

                          so this guy comes around and can not stomach blood... ( but he is out fishing?)

                          so i continue up to the road and meet a grandparent couple from New Hampshire. with all the grand kids... trying to catch a king on a plug..

                          Grandpa looked at the hook and set me in his chair. and told the oldest to go grab the bottle under the sink...

                          and ALL heck broke loose... as the kids shows up with a bottle of Jim beam..

                          Gran ma was on fire screaming at grandpa.. " I KNEW YOU HAD ONE STASHED IN THERE"

                          he just grinned at me and said you will understand later in life.....

                          gave me a swig, ( mostly for good measure i think) cut the tip off the hook and slid it out..then had a swig of his own.. meanwhile i think granny was filing divorce papers in talkeetna...she was HOT!!!!he made a big deal out if it to all the grand kids. and i stayed for lunch as granny settled down.

                          there is one other time.. that involves a pike and me falling outa the boat.... but perhaps later..
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                            knot a good idea

                            my wife was tightening a knot on the russian with her teeth and the line slipped. the fly burried in her upper lip past the barb. she couldn't bring herself to go back across the ferry with a pink lip ring so she found someone to push it through and cut it off....**** what a trooper!!


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                              Nose piercing

                              I grew up in South Mississippi and spent most of my time as a kid fishing for Bluegills in farm ponds and small creeks with a bobber and a hook full of redworms. On a trip to one of our favorite spots, I learned a hard lesson about not walking behind folks who are casting. On the back swing, a friend of the family hooked me right in the nostril as I was walking by. When he felt resistance, he kept trying to swing the rod forward, because he thought he was caught up in the willows that lined the edge of the pond. It took him a few seconds to realize what was wrong. There I was yelling for him to stop with redworms wiggling in my nose. Those were the days! No bills to pay and nothing to worry about but digging up enough bait to fill the stringer.


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