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  • Military Resort Offers Discount on Charters

    It appears that even Uncle Sam is experiencing some effects from the downturn in the economy and the lagging interest among tourists to visit Alaska this summer.

    The Seward Military Resort is offering an early bird special of 10 percent off on "deep sea" fishing charters scheduled between May 22 and June 15. Trips must be booked by Friday, April 24.

    Please note that priviledges are limited to personnel possessing a valid DoD identification card and their dependents.

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    I have a couple of trips already scheduled with them, I'm going to call and see if they will give me the 10% discount. If they don't, I'll cancel and reschedule. There's more than one way to skin a catfish!


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      Hopefully they will bring us to a productive spot instead of the local honey hole. It was a major turn off when i went out with them 2 years ago and the biggest fish was a 20# halibut. Not sure if anyone has better luck with them.
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        I 20lb halibut is a good fish with the resort. A few years back they also stopped target rock bass which was where a person would get the majority of their meat from. One year I was on a boat with them and the person next to me caught a 163lb halibut, when we got back they stated it was their largest of the season (not sure how valid that was but it was the last week in August). I will add that was one of 4 halibut caught for the 12 pac charter that day. We did ok on Silvers and at that time limited the boat on rock bass. Their facilities are first rate and the fishing is good at a very good price so it is still a good deal I would just not go expecting some hugh catch.


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          You're right on the 20 pounders. That's all we caught on a charter last year.
          One thing was great is that a pod of Orcas came within 6 ft of the boat but that is not why we chartered the trip. One of the crews girlfriends caught a 90# a few weeks before we arrived but none of the paying customers caught anything more than 20#, a real disappointment and the Capt was a loud mouth. Between the wife and I after filleting, we had around 24# of Halibut to ship back. That's about $25.00 per pound, would've been cheaper to forgo the charter and go to Capt Jacks in Seward and buy the Halibut already filleted. We may go overnight with Alaska Coastal Marine in Homer for $225.00 and go for the double limit.


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            Top Notch

            The Seward Resort's facilities are truly exceptional and I always enjoy my stay there.

            However, the fishing trips leave a bit to be desired. I've been on their halibut charters in June the past two years. While the price is quite affordable and the action always great, my group and I never landed one over 15 pounds. Biggest brought on the boat may have been 30 pounds.

            Kind of disappointing to end up at a chicken hole -- especially after shelling out the big bucks and enduring a six-hour round trip boat ride. The mindset seems to be that it's better to send everyone home with small fish, than to risk targeting larger ones and not limit out.

            I'm headed back to the resort again this summer, but having trouble justifying another halibut excursion. Would love to resupply the freezer, but it really depends on how bad my guests want to go. If not, will go snag some reds instead.

            So popaJuan, did you get the discount?


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              No Tomcat, I didn't get the discount because our charter dates are after the promo. The nice thing about Seward Resort though is that regardless of whether you fish with them or not, you can use the freezer free as long as you are a registered guest. After you leave, they sock you for $5.00 per day freezer charges. I think that this is reasonable in that I suspect commercial lockers are a lot more and if they didn't charge, folks would leave their fish in the freezer indefinitely. It'd be better if it was at no cost and after 30 days if the fish wasn't claimed, they'd give it to an orphanage or ?? Bears would love it!


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                Yeah, the promo dates are fairly early in the season and probably harder to fill. I usually book a trip in late June, so I won't be getting the discount either.

                I've never paid for freezer space in Seward, but $5 a day seems like a good deal. In Cooper Landing and Soldotna, my recollection is that the fee tends to run between $10 and 15 per day.


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                  My wife and I took my brother down last year and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Not only did we limit on halibut (although I must concur, not huge, 20 pounders max) I also limited on some HUGE silvers...three days too late, but they all beat the derby winner by more than 2 pounds. However, I was the only one who caught silvers...Here is my question. We are contemplating going to Seward over Memorial Day weekend. Does anyone know of a better charter than the military charter? (i.e. bigger fish?) Second, we have a couple days down there. Are there going to be any salmon yet? Ocean, river??? Finally, are there any clams at or near Seward? Thanks all!!!


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                    tiny chickens

                    The rec camp boats go to the micro chicken patch every day. Thats what you get for a cheap charter. It works for their customers.


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