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Need Assistance Finding Kenai River Guide

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  • Need Assistance Finding Kenai River Guide

    Looking for recommendations on a reputable guide for a Kenai River King trip this summer. If you have had a great experience, know a good guide or guide yourself, or have 2nd hand knowledge please do tell. I promised the wife I'd buy her a trip so price is no object if the service is right! Probably looking at the second run time-frame. Thanks

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    Ron at Golden Eagle Charters. Great person, great guide


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      heres a thread started a few weeks ago.

      I have not been out with Yukon "YET" but had some friends that went with him last year and they caught some nice fish, and told me he was one of the best guides they had ever been out with..


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        Originally posted by Reel Bob View Post
        Ron at Golden Eagle Charters. Great person, great guide
        Ron's son Tony is too, and so are 200 other guides on the Kenai... I can list 50 qualified canidates right off the top of my head. Most of the good ones will be already booked the last two weeks of July.


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          My wife and I used a guide named Jim Last year. We caught two nice Kings in short order. He did a great job and put on fresh bate every cast. Both Kings were in the 45-50 pound range. Just show up and fish.

          His number is 907-262-8469


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            Tim Hiner - Guide License Number 001

            Tim has fished the river for many years - he is an Alaska resident and
            will do you a great job.

            Contact him at 262-9729
            How stupid is it to be wasting tons of salmon and halibut as bycatch in the Bering Sea and then have the coastal villages hollaring they have no food? It's got to stop!


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              Jeff King, King's Budget Charters. He's been on the river for 30+ years and he's still a great guy.
              I may be slow, but I get where I'm going!


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                Tim Hiner.... One of the best...


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                  Lot's of good guides (some bad one's too). I've been using Keith at Beaver Creek Cabins for the past 4 yrs. and have no desire to change. Great guy.


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                    I agree, lots of good guides

                    I have used Gary Kernan at


                    Me, my wife, and 2 teens all had a great time fishing both with Gary and Bill.
                    Give them a call, 1-888-283-4002, talk to Darlene, you will not be disappointed.

                    If you use him, tell him he owes me, hehehe!
                    Nick Clegg
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                    Usually in that order


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                      Mike Wheat.

                      You'll catch fish.



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