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Suggestions for Seward Fishing in August?

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  • Suggestions for Seward Fishing in August?

    I'm going to be in Alaska this August and am planning to go fishing for a day while in Seward. I figure my best bet is a charter. I've heard Puffin, pro-sea-'n-fish, and Crackerjack mentioned most frequently as good options. I also am wondering what kind of weather should I expect 2nd week in August? I figure rain, but is it an all day thing or more sporadic? Also what kind of temps can I plan on? Also any ideas for what we would really want to check out on our day in Seward that is still open would be nice. Any help is much appreciated.

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    I used to live in San Diego...there, one could reasonable "expect" sunny skies and 70 degrees on an "average" day most of the year. In AK, I've found it to be a little different. In August out of Seward, there could be a blow that keeps the boats from fishing; there could be rain all day or part of the day; there could be sunny skies and 70 degree weather. I always plan for the worst and hope for the best. Wear layers and have raingear and you should be ok.
    When we have visitors we take to Seward, we usually try to get in a hike to the Exit Glacier just outside of town. Pretty cool place (literally and figuratively), you can walk to almost the face of the glacier. And you'll notice the temperature drop as you's sort of like walking up to an enormous open freezer.
    And the charters you mention are top-notch. Book soon if you have a specific day you need to fish.
    Good luck!
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      During that time of year, pretty much all the charters will be able to land you on some silvers. You have a good chance to run into rain but I have spent week long trips during that same time of year and had clear skies every day. If it does rain, expect it to last the majority of the day mostly as drizzles. The weather is generally calm in the morning with afternoon winds kicking up around 1300 to 1600 hrs.
      The sea life center will be open and is a definate must see for anybody visiting the area. Have a good time and bring your camera because the chances of seeing some whales is pretty good.


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        Another vote for expecting rain (drizzle) and some wind. One thing I've noted is that air tempatures on the water tend to be about the same as the water temperature. So that means you can expect temps in the mid 50's. Add in high humidity and some wind and thats dowright bone chilling. You'd be suprised how even on a nice day it can be downright chilly out on the water.

        Layers under rain gear and a warm hat should keep you comfy. If you get one of those rare nice days, or the clouds burn off later in the day, count yourself lucky. The upside of charters is you can get off the fishing deck and warm up in the cabin.
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