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Reel Lube: Grease or Oil

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  • Reel Lube: Grease or Oil

    When selecting a reel lubricant, is viscosity an issue?

    Noticed that I have both "grease" and oil in the tackle box. Got me to wondering whether it makes much difference or if there are specific applications for each.

    For example, maybe the thick stuff is recommended for fly reels and the thinner substance is preferred on levelwinds.

    Yep, one source of entertainment until fishing season is to ponder issues that can get a bit "down in the weeds." :rolleyes:

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    The thicker stuff is for gears while the thin stuff is for bearings and bushings.

    i.e. on a click pawl type fly reel the use the thin oil to lube the bearings and the thicker grease on te pawl and the toothed gear it clicks on.

    Same kind of idea on spinning and conventional reels. Use the oil on the bushing surfaces and bearings and grease up the drive gears and level wind pawl and worm gear.


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      Speaking of grease or oil, does anyone know what the chargers are at that shop off Arctic in Anchorage for going through a reel (clean and lube) that has been sitting around unused ofor 20 years or so? I hear he is "reel" good and the only guy to bring it to here in Anchorage. I've got six or 8 that I haven't used for years due to me fly fishing and not spin fishing, but the grandkids are about that age to start and thought I might have a few refurvished for them to get started on. How about some Penn halibut reels. Haven't touched them in a few years either...


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        PLan on about $30-35 per reel . . .


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