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Rock Fish or Anything in Passage Canal Early

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  • Rock Fish or Anything in Passage Canal Early

    Well I just read the post about Seward Hiway being closed next weekend so I guess that's out now. The Whittier road is supposed to be back open by then though. I want to run up the boat for only a couple hours and I want to stay pretty close to the harbor on the first trip in a couple years. I hear that you really have to have to work for fish right outside Whittier more so than Seward. Is it worth evn bringing any gear out with me if I am going to be staying within 5 miles of the harbor? I'm mainly just going out to function check the boat on water since there aren't any lakes open yet and I just can't wait any longer.

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    You can catch some little rockfish by the cliffs across from the Whittier Harbor. Can also get into some along the rocks on the way to Pigot bay. The problem is these areas get fished often, the fish tend to be small, and usually the depths are enough that the fish have their swim bladders bloated up. I quit fishing these areas due to killing/keeping such small fish. If you can make it out toward Culross you can find shallower water to throw back these smaller fish. Seward isn't a lot better close to the harbor. Seems like both spots you need to get out aways to start catching the bigger fish.


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      I caught a couple in about 40 feet of water at the mouth of port wells, thats the cloests I've seen rockfish though
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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        There are rockfish to be found throughout most all of Passage Canal. Heck, I've even gotten into them pretty thick only about 30 yards off the commercial docks on the east end of Whittier. As stated earlier, they all do tend to be on the small side until you get a bit further out. I've caught some really nice yellow eyes off the points on Decision Point and over by Pigot Point. That's probably your closest be to getting into any real good keepers though.


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          you need to fish where noone else fishes in passage canal. thats deep. bet if you are willing to drop you bait down 1000 plus feet at slack tide you will catch something.


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