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  • May 1st POW ?

    Okay guys, dates coming up real quick now and I need whatever advice I can get on steelheading the east side of POW. We are bringing our 30' lobster boat down from Wrangell and have a couple kayaks to access the creeks. Have tied a ton of large MOAL's and some smolt patterns. Have Troellers Bay cabin for the week. Tentative plan is to first give Thorne a shot, then the Karta, head down Twelve Mile to hit some of those streams and finally Harris River.

    Also hope to do some shrimping out front of Troeller's, looks like there might be some good water there, plus we have been told by the POW fish biologist that we might try for some halibut.

    Again, any advice, specific or general will be very much appreciated.

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    Make sure ot have some dark stuff, green butt skunks etc. And some egg patterns.

    Sounds like you have it figured out
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      slow action last week

      Steel was slow last week, have not heard if it has picked up. Sounds like a great trip planned. Will be interested in hearing how the shrimping is. If you stay in Thorne Bay overnight and want to shrimp, there is some decent water near Tolstoi Island as you are just entering Thorne/Tolstoi Bay.

      Good luck.


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