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  • Valdez Silvers & Halibut 101

    I'm new to Fairbanks, looking forward to traveling to Valdez for some halibut & silver fishing this summer. Any recommendations for basic equipment/techniques to get started? I do have a boat, 21' Extreme Shallow which some folks tell me is adequate for Valdez.

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    You`ll just need fresh undies after the first trip back in with 3' following seas. :eek: It`s not a boat I would be comfortable in out there and I run a 19' but it`s a blue water cuddy type. As usual, watch the predictions and add a foot to the wave prediction and 5-10 knots for the windage and you should be able to plan a safe but probably wet trip.

    Anywho, there`s alot of guys that fish it regularly and should chime in soon.

    You can never go wrong fishing rocky structure from 60-300'. Add a bit of meat to the equation and you should pick up some fishes.

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      For Silvers, downriggers are the way to go. Although not always neccesary, there are those dipsy divers will work good for you also. For the set up, attach the dipsey diver, then about 6 or so feet after that place your flasher, then 2 feet after that use a hoochie rig baited with herring. Some people even use just the herring behind the diver. You should be fine in your riverboat for silvers because you can litterally start fishing right outside of the boat harbor for those things. I wouldn't go to far in your boat for halibut, as the Valdez Arm can get pretty nasty when the wind is blowing. Here is an informative link.

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        when the silvers are in, you don't need a downrigger to catch them - they almost jump in your boat.


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          Expect winds to typically kick up around 3pm.

          I used Buzzbombs last year...and had a blast. Of course, can't go wrong with herring either.
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            Jig straight down with a Thomas Bouyant in 80 ft of water and the silvers will come! (Put a stronger treble on than the one that comes on the Thomas. Silvers like to keep them).


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