Lower or Upper Kenai River?



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  • Lower or Upper Kenai River?

    I am new to Alaska and will have family visiting me this summer. One group will be coming in the weekend of June 19 and another group July 3. I want to book a guide but which parts of the Kenai will be most productive during these dates.

    My first thoughts were to fish the upper Kenai for reds, trout, and dollies on June 19; this areas seems a little more scenic and a better Alaskan experience. Or do you think Kings will be best then in the Lower?

    Alternatively another group was coming up July 3 and I had initially thought fishing the lower for kings. A little more crowded? but I guess equally a different Alaskan experience.

    I realize the run is unpredictable; but any suggestions on what you might do would be appreciated. The answer may be....either or.


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    Most Likely

    Your thoughts are correct. The 2nd week of June is good for the 1st run of reds in the upper, and kings should be in the lower the 1st week of July. No sure bets though.

    Good luck!
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      I'd look into the middle good luck
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        Your thoughts are real good. The upper is a very very pretty float with good fishing. The river will be a bit high but reds, bows and dollies can and do get caught. My wife and I fish the upper pretty much year round. Well me year round she June through October. It is a very easy float and lots of photos to be taken and with a little patience and luck lots of fish will be caught.

        The lower in july for kings is a decent bet, Totally different than anything you will see on the upper. It is worth doing both. I did the lower last year for kings a couple of times for the first time in 20 years, and it was pretty wild with all the boats, wakes, and people. The upper has some folks in early june but nothing like you see on the lower, plus the upper in no motors so it is a little more peacefull. Just my .02
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