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  • Fishing Trip to Sitka, Alaska - BOOKED :D

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude and thanks to all of those that support our Veterans old, and new. About a week ago I posted the offer for 8 soldiers to go on a guided fishing trip to Sitka. Then I simultaneously posted the need to get Airmiles donated to get those soldiers there. My intent was to never bash or talk trash about any particular airlines but rather get soldiers to fill these spots. I am glad that it did not turn into that and I thank those that kept it on the PM network. I know that the airlines get lots of requests everyday for causes all over the world. The economy sucks and we all know it so I have no harsh thngs to say. It just wasn't our turn for the flights. Everything happens for a reason and I think that this happened in order to bring together the people on this board for a great cause.

    Well, mission accomplished! 8 soldiers will be going to Sitka for the guided fishing trip and appreciation weekend. is where you are sending them and if you go to the photos section and check out some of their pictures from last year. Mike & Linda have done a wonderful job. Next year we are hoping to provide some handmade quilts from Texas to the soldiers that attend. It will make the trip just that much more memorable.

    We are currently upgrading our site and it will become .ORG instead. We have just launched our site and have had verbal committments here in Texas of about a half-million acres for soldiers to use for this coming hunting season. We are in the process of building a site/database that will be able to make the connection process easier. That is being taken care of and donated by an individual that frequents this site. Thank you.

    Thank you again for making this possible for these soldiers. I got an email late last night that said -- Mike, even Guardian Angels need time away. -- I do not consider myself a Guardian Angel but I am a soldier. I am a firm believer that you will get out of life what you put into it and right now this is my calling from God. I have an uncanny ability to organize things and bring people together. This is the way I choose to do it. There is no thanks required - the smiles and emails are enough and the occasional picture helps too. This is the one thing that cannot be taken from me.

    Thank you once again. Mike

    I just want to send out a thank you to the following people for their generous donation of Airmiles and patience in order to get these soldiers to Sitka for a memorable trip.

    Jerry Schultz and Family x 3 tickets
    Kevin Degler and Family x 1 ticket
    Ken Jesiel and Family x 1 ticket
    Jack Owens and Family x 2 tickets
    Steven Gunderson and Family x 2 tickets (One from his account and one from his wifes for one round trip)

    The soldiers whose life you made a difference in...

    #1 Morgan Cabaniss, Technical Sergeant Anchorage TRIP BOOKED
    #2 SSG Nick Carney -Fairbanks TRIP BOOKED
    #3 SSG David Mondok - Anchorage TRIP BOOKED
    #4 SPC Brian Tiefenbrun - Anchorage TRIP BOOKED
    #5 SSG Joseph Renteria - Anchorage TRIP BOOKED
    #6 CPL Paul Gregory - Dallas/Ft. Worth TRIP BOOKED
    #7 Murphy, Derek P Anchorage TRIP BOOKED
    #8 Pinkerton, Christopher S. Anchorage TRIP BOOKED

    Lake Amistad, Texas

    This soldier is currently deployed to Iraq.

    Toledo Bend, Texas

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    The boys are very excited for sure,


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      Thank you

      Thank you for the work that you are doing here. This is a very noble and very valuable cause. Good Job and God bless you.


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        It is my pleasure.


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