I need 8 Soldiers to Volunteer..... ;)



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  • I need 8 Soldiers to Volunteer..... ;)

    I have 8 slots available to go to Sitka, Alaska for a 4 day fishing trip. Once you get to Sitka everything is taken care of for you. The Fishing trip is being provided by www.alaskafish.com . We had an un-named airline back out for a donation of to fly soldiers to Sitka from the lower 48. I am trying to make it cheaper to get there and still being able to fill the slots and get some soldiers fishing! May 14-18

    Contact me by email please to get signed up. Gonna work on the transportation issues as well.


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    Good trip!

    Sounds like you are doing a great trip. I probably have a couple thousand airline miles I could give to the cause.
    Let me know.

    Any matches?
    Live life and love it
    Love life and live it


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      That's the best "I need a volunteer" I ever heard of...

      Have fun guys!!

      Thanks for supporting the troops


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        Thought it might catch some attention. Bullbuster I have one for you. Medically retired 25 year old. I will see where he is located so you can find out if you have enough airmiles for a ticket. Thank you!

        More to follow.


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          i myself and I mgiht be able to get a few others I jsut have to look at getting myself and them the time off

          if its ok..


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            SHort notice

            I would love to jump on it, I have all the licenses and stuff already, However wiht such a short notice I think it will be hard to get Soldiers to have their leave in and approved in time for a realistic shot.. Thats dropping a leave form on the 9th before a training holiday and hoping it gets approved.. Their may be some reservist that can jump at the chance, but active duty will be pretty tough to swing..
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              hey Fisterfam .. I will call you tomorow .. I have a benefit in anchorage on the night of the 18 I believe.. but will check the schedule.
              If you cant stand behind the troops in Iraq.. Feel free to stand in front of them.


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                I will personally call anyones 1SG or commander to let them know the deal. I am active duty myself here at Ft Hood and my wife and I do this in our spare time.

                I just put in a request with Alaska Airlines to see if they will help. Cross your fingers...


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                  Originally posted by fisterfam View Post
                  We had an un-named airline back out for a donation of to fly soldiers to Sitka from the lower 48.
                  Be careful what you say amigo...a lot of folks on this board happen to work for an "un-named" airline (who happens to spend over $2M annually on in-state charity / non-profit support!)


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                    It is not bashing. It is the truth but I will tell you that it was not Alaska or Horizon. I am not here to talk about that anyways.... I have slots to fill with soldiers. I cannot change their minds and that is over already. Just moving forward and being proactive will get these guys there.

                    I have 5 slots left as of this morning. Still need confirmation from the 2 that posted earlier. They have not yet been counted.



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                      All the slots are full right now with 8 soldiers.

                      Now looking for AIRMILES to cover from Fairbanks to Sitka and back. If you can only cover for one leg of the flight then maybe someone else can cover the other leg back. Team work and taking care of these guys is what it is all about. I know 6 of the 8 are Wounded Warriors and could use some quality time away from the daily grind.


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                        We have something in the works for you guys. ret25yrol I need to know if you are going to be able to go or not. Bout to have a waiting list...

                        Have lots of feelers out there lets see which ones bite..


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