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  • Need travel help?

    Me and my father are looking to come back to AK for the third time for a fishing trip. The first time we took a float plane to a place called Afognak (sp) and were mainly fishing for Salmon, and false hooking them. We also spent a day on the fly rod. This trip was unbelievable and is what we are looking to do again. We snagged fix at will. The second time was in Homer an not nearly as fun. We caught some halibut, but was not nearlly the experience.

    I would really appreciate some tips on a trip, area, or charter package where we will catch alot of fish. We are not trying to get the biggest ones, just a trip where we won't get told that they can't believe we are not catching fish, or should have been here last month. I would also want a package that could involve a day or two on the fly rod. We are looking for a 5-7 day trip. Please let me know of any package or lodgings that offer a trip that we will catch a ton of fish, but not overun with other tourists like us. Thanks in advance.

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    "and false hooking them."

    "We snagged fix at will."

    Me no understand.


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