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    Looks like I will be alone when I come this July. My question is how hard is it to book a charter if you are by yourself I certainly do not want to book the whole boat.Does anyone have any experience going by yourself? My wife is trying to talk me out of going but I cannot help myself I am hooked!! so I am going

    Thanks a lot


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    Where exactly are you going?


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      going to Soldotna also looking to fish the Nushagak
      Just looking to catch and release not interested in taking fish home but would like to catch a big butt


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        I had no problem finding a charter in Homer as a single.
        I just walked into the shops on the boardwalk and asked and they hooked me up with a boat.

        If you want the chance at a giant and are adventurous and don't get sea sick there is an outfit that does long range over nighters for monster halis.
        I can't remember the name, but I'm sure some one will toss it out there if they read this.


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          Two sides to the coin

          For the Kenai, anyhow, things could go either way regarding booking as a single. For early booking, the guide will likely hold out to see if a full boat books. Groups of 3 are unusual, so if a single books a seat, then what to do if you get a boatload? So, many guides are reluctant to book a single early on.

          As the season approaches, however, there are frequently an open seat here and there, so being a single will often be easier to find a trip than trying to find an open boat for a group of 4.

          Bottom line, it can be done, but be flexible and open.



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            Single Mingle

            Over thepast years, I've never had a problem getting a seat in Homer, although sometimes I've had to check three or four charters before finding it. As for your wife, have her take the ferry over to Halibut Cove or Seldovia for lunch while your on the water.... it's really quite nice. She should take her camera, too.


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              Booked my flight

              Booked my flight arriving in Anc July 18 leaving July26th so I would like to spend two days in seward and the rest in Soldotna I would like to do the Kenai and the Kasilof for kings Any advice on who to book with? Also would like to do a river trip in the valley while my daughter shops in Anchorage.Any thoughts on who to hire? I know I have lots of questions Thanks for all your help !!



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