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  • Custom Insualted Portable Ice House

    Last winter I started planning the design of a porable ice house that allowed me to travel to any remote lake or river that I wanted and live comfortably. My design worked great but the freight sled didnt work well and I ended up having to use my otter for everything. The portable ice houses available didn't provide me what I wanted in an ice house. I wanted something to sleep in, was insulated, and broke down small enough to go anywhere. The floor system was tounge and groove, insulated (foil backed foam) and coated with truck bed liner. The underside was sealed with thompson's weather seal. The soft wall/roof system was made of an inner layer of heavy duty tarp, two layers of reflectix insulation, and another layer of heavy duty tarp. The eight hard outer wall pieces were framed of 2x2 (also insulated with foil back foam) with a 1'x1.5' window which provided a great panoramic view. The ice house broke down into the following dimensions: 2ftx2ftx8ft long. The erected dimensions were 8.5ft tallx8ft wide x 8ft long. The weight was 150lbs. The floor system had 6 built in holes with integrated covers that were also insulated. My snow machine had no problem hauling this thing through very remote trails. Get this.......3000 btu's kept this thing at room temprature in 20 below zero weather! It burned 1 pound of propane in 16 hours of continuous use! This ice house allows me to travel where ever i want, sleep as long as I like comfortably, and use exremely little fuel to heat becuase of all the insulation and tight fitting pieces (equiped with weather stripping). A mr. heater is too much heat. I had to get tiny little sport cat heater to keep the temp down. The overall cost was $2,700 to include the custom freight sled that didn't work well (needs WIDER runners). The Two pictures are one of my buddy putting it together, and the other of all the gear and ice house pieces packed up and ready to leave. I have a ton of awsome pictures of this thing erected which I will post if anyone seems interested with my design for which I plan to sell in the future.
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    That's pretty cool, a perm you can take with you.
    How long does it take to set up/take down??


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      It took about 30 minutes the first time it was set up on a small lake off Pt. Mackenzie Rd. On one of my remote trips it took about 20 minutes. The longest It took was 40 minutes or so because it was so darn cold out. It was also at night too.


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        Id like to see more picts

        Do you have any of it completly set up? How about picts of the inside?

        Looks like roughing is for chumps.

        Great design.
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          Looks like a well engineered house. I also wanted a warm portable fish house as well. I wasn't that creative. Check out They are out of Minnesota. Couple different sizes and canvas materials. They fold up like a suite case, all self contained. Sets up in 5 minutes, even in a 30+ mph wind like it was on Summit L. this past weekend. I have the 5X8 insulated one. Stayed the night in it a month ago on Lower Tangle L. That night it dropped down to -35. I just had one of those sunflower like heater (Mr. Hearter??) I had it on high but I was comfotable all night. I pull it in on the Med. Otter sled. It fits bout perfect on it with all my gear under it. I had them send me the kit...canvas, poles, hardware and instructions. All you need is plywood and a couple 1X4's. Very easy assembly. Check out the web site. They are on sale now. I really like mine.


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            venting just in case

            know I don't have to say it, but please do make sure you have some sort of a fresh air intake and fume exhaust to prevent CO2 poisoning if you're using an open flame type heater


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              Thanks for the concern steel guy. I did build small mesh flaps above the door. There are three of them that have velcro flaps. I can choose between all three or one vent open. I also bring a battery opertated carbon manoxide tester.


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