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  • Backpacks on the Russian River

    I like to use a framed backpack to carry fish and gear up from the river. While streamside, it only contains a fillet knife, sharpener, bonker, stringer, plastic bags, etc.

    My understanding of the rule about backpacks on the Russian is that it must be within arm's reach of the angler IF there is food or other scented items inside. Otherwise, it's okay to set a pack on the bank while fishing.

    Didn't think it was an issue until a friend told me that I was in violation. His interpretation of the rule is that no backpacks (scented or unscented) are allowed beyond six feet of a person.

    This news came as a bit of a surprise since I'd been operating in this manner all summer. In fact, I was even greeted by a law enforcement officer one morning in June while I was in the water and my "empty" pack was laying in plain sight on the bank. The issue never came up.

    I consider myself a law abiding outdoorsman and certainly want to comply with the rules and regulations. Would appreciate some clarification on this issue, so I can avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

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    Best way to get clarification is to call Fish & Game. Opinions here range from well thought out comments to the occassional azz.
    It's so easy to dial the number I would call the people who make the rules and then you know for sure.


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      I have been under the thought that any pack within arms reach. I had my little pack on the bank last year with just beers in it and had to wear it I was told. I see it enforced on the russian quite a bit but once you make the bend into the combat zone you will see packs laid behind everyone in the gaunlet line. I have never seen anyone told to wear them there
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        Chugach National Forest
        US Fish & Wildlife Service

        Seward Ranger District -- All personal property such as attractants, backpacks and coolers and any other item that may contain food, beverage, odiferous refuse, or other attractants must be acceptably stored at all times within 3 feet of you, stored in a bear-resistant container, or left in your car!
        This includes:
        Food, Gum & Candy
        Bug Spray
        Stringers of fish and whole fish in possession must be kept closely attended at all times.
        Don't let bears associate humans with food.
        Help us keep anglers safe and bears wild!

        Citations will be issued for violations observed (36CFR261.58cc) with fines from $125 to the maximum of $5000 and/or imprisonment.


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