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  • Halibut

    not looking for any spots, but sure willing to take a few GPS points if anyone's willing to PM them, lol...

    just bought a Hummingbird 597ci sonar for the boat and fairly new to Halibut fishing (except for charters), so wondering what should I be looking for in the way of structure or/and fishing environment for them. Also was wondering if I should look for specific things on the sonar for shrimp pots.

    any help? sonar pics are nice too if possible. Any help is appreciated, unfortunately I'm VERY uneducated on fishing and reading sonar's. We'll probably be fishing primarily in PWS.

    I've been searching Google for the past few weeks for information on how to look for good spots with no luck at all...

    Can't wait to get out there this year.

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    read more and got some good info

    sorry, started looking a bit further on. On page 2 there was a great post with a lot of input on water depth and structure that answered almost all of my questions.

    still though if anyone has any sonar pics they'd be willing to share I'd appreciated it greatly.

    thanks again, gotta love this site for getting great info.



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      Ok come on. You gotta go out and figure out how it works man. That is a part of fishing!

      Be patient. Use some herring oil or anise on your baits. This will help bring in fish.

      Don't be afraid to go big with your baits. Make sure your bait is FRESH.

      If bait isn't working, try a jig. Jigging usually outcatches bait anyways.
      "Ya can't stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters!!!!"- Ted Nugent.


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