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Storing fish in Anchorage?

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  • Storing fish in Anchorage?

    I'm planning on fishing the Russian river for a few days in late June before flying out from ANC on a Lake creek float trip.

    Are there any inexpensive places to freeze/store fish for about 5 days near the Anchorage airport?

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    I don't know what you think is inexpensive but I used Fish-Ex last summer.
    They did a good job. They will try to upsale you on all perks like taking out the hair bones, but if you just want them to vac and freeze it wasnt to bad.


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      Check with the airline you are flying up here with. Most airlines here have freezers.
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        I know there is a freezer at anchorage internation. get ahold of a member here that goes by sodabiscut. He used it last year and can give you the info
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          freezer storage

          we stored some coolers at the airport in Anchorage a few years ago. It was downstairs and I believe it was United. Cost about $17.00 per cooler per day.


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            I used 10th and M Sea Foods on.....can you guess.....10th and M. They will rent you freezer space pretty cheap. You can get quite alot of fish in their freezer spaces.


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              Storage is available in a freezer at baggage storage on the lower level of the south terminal at Anchorage airport. The rate last year was $13-$16 per fish box per day. Photo id is required as well as a copy of your ticket for your flight. They can be reached at 907-248-0370 (thats wheelchair dispatch but they are right next door and can answer questions if ya ask nice ;-) )


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                Does anyone know the cheapest way to ship fish back to the lower 48? Details like:
                - Best shipper? Fedex, US Postal Service, etc
                - What type of container?
                - Dry ice/regular ice?

                I guess if you shipped a cooler, maybe you could use regular ice perhaps. Seems like dry would be better.


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                  Checked Baggage!

                  The cheapest way is to fly it home as checked baggage (1st 50 lbs cooler is free, 2nd $25) and ship your regular baggage home via post office (who cares if it takes 5-7 days). Do not use USPS for your fish. FedEx or UPS will run about $2.50 - $3.00 a lb. Regular ice is not allowed, most airlines allow up to 4 lbs dry ice per cooler, if your on a non-stop flight I would not bother with the dry ice.
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                    I just took a box of fish to Yuma AZ. I packed the box with hard frozen fish, no ice, and sealed it up about noon and drove 3 hours to Anchorage. Our flight left Anchorage at 1 am and arrived in San Diego at 10. We then drove to Yuma arriving at 4 pm. The fish was still frozen even though our drive was through 50-60 degree weather. The styrofoam boxes with waxed cardboard outer cover work very well.


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                      checked baggage - -

                      - - is the only way to go IMO. You just need it frozen solid - don't pay extra to ship ICE with it - nor would I put dry ice on it...too much of a PITA with the Airlines.

                      Let the airline agent check the cooler then duct tape it around the lid seal and everywhere else - TSA may open and check it - but if you wrap it good with duct tape they usually tape it back up well.

                      If you have air space in the cooler because you weren't able to land enough fishies - put newspaper in the cooler crumpled up tightly - it will keep cold better that way.

                      fish will last minimum 2 days in a cheap cooler if frozen good. 3 if you have the whole cooler in the airlines cold storage. Their holds are not heated. If you label the cooler as perishable items - keep frozen - and happen to get separated from your precious fish (much more costly than Alaska Gold) - the airlines will usually put it in a cooler until you can get back together with it.

                      A small fillet of Red at Carrs/Safeway was 21$ last weekend - - o so precious fish....


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                        forgot -

                        Buy a cooler locally is usually pretty reasonable...

                        If you have too many coolers at home like me - pack your fishin stuff and your waders - or whatever in a cooler and put a duffle bag with it - when you return - put your gear in your duffle - your fish meat in your cooler. Boxes are 12$ each up here....

                        I have carried on fish also - sometimes it works - sometimes not - with the new anti-terrorist liquid laws and all..but I have successfully caried on a medium sized dry bag full of moose meat and fish meat - weighing quite a lot - 45 pounds or so. Or you can carry the on the dry bag full of gear - minus your fillet knife of course.


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