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  • OT Cooper Landing question

    I have a question for anyone who has driven through Cooper Landing lately. I spend every summer in Alaska. I have a small cabin, and a motorhome that I leave up there. Anyway, I usually stay in Cooper Landing for 10 days or so during June. I have always stayed at Hamiltons. Last year it was sold to someone else. And the rumor was, they were going to tear it down and build condo's.
    My question, is Hamiltons still there. Have the gas station and store and cafe been torn down ? If not, are they still in business ?

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    I drove through Cooper Landing this morning and Hamiltons looks like it did last fall. Gas station, store, and building are still there and have not changed from the view that I got while driving past it.

    I have no clue if they have plans to close up shop or tear it down.


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      Ya know what Rocky Balboa said about condo's.......?
      " Prepping for Survival, is to be able to segregate, what you think will happen, from what you hope will happen, from what you fear will happen, from what is happening".


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        that hamilton, hes a canny, grumpy ol fart but he saved our bacon year before last, blew a trailer tire just before cooper landing, at that little cafe and gas station. 11 at nite, sold us a used tire and rim for $80.... kinda felt used but what you gonna do? thanks hamilton

        Release Lake Trout


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          The sale fell threw, it will still be there this summer.
          Hi all, Erik & Jodi


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            Thanks for the info.


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