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  • Wide wading boots and sole?

    I just picked up a pair of L2 simms waders this weekend (can't wait til my wife sees the credit card bill) and am looking for some wading boots. I've never owned a pair and have some questions I hope I may find here.
    I have size 10.5, 5E to 6E wide depending on shoes.
    Do I need to get a larger size shoe and is there a company that has wide wading boots? I can't find any on the web. Probably not looking hard enough.
    I move to New Mexico this December and am concerned regarding the "whirling disease". Supposedly felt transfers the w.d. bug, but wouldn't the canvas on the boots be just as susceptable to transfer the same bug?
    Other than felt what is your preferred sole?
    I'd like to have a good all around boot.
    Thanks for any advice/input in advance.

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    Simms makes awesome boots but they are EEE width. For soles I really like the studded Aqua Stealth soles on my Simms. Unfortunately they are no longer made. Thier new non-felt sole is the Stream Tread Series.

    I don't know if there is anyone making a boot that wide. Might be time to put your feet on a diet!!!
    I wear a 9 1/2 shoe but go with an 11 wading boot. I like about 1/2" or so of space in the toes.
    The best thing to do when buying boots is to bring your waders and any additional socks with you to the tackle shop and start trying on boots.

    The felt takes much longer to dry out and this increases the risk of transmitting the disease.


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      I personally own a few (4) pairs of the new Korker wading boots. My feet are regular width, but I buy them two (2) sizes larger than my shoe size allowing for both comfort and extra socks for colder temps. I like the new style with their sky boot cable design, very easy to put on, adjust when needed and get out of at the end of a long day. Plus there are a number of different sole designs that are interchangeable, I prefer the rubber with spikes for fishing SE Alaska, definite gripping when you need it. Believe these list at $159?

      And, just as Drifter said, I would definitely recommend taking both waders and socks to your local shop for a true fit.


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        Thanks, good idea for taking the waders AND socks.
        Didn't think about the socks.
        Guess I'll be heading to Sportmans and trying some on this week to get an idea.
        Thanks again.


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