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    Please bear with me as my 2nd trip to AK is coming up in June 09. I am a novice but want to catch some Salmon on the Kenai near Soldotna. What length of rod should I look for? I have two surf rods already, one is around 12 ft and the other 10 ft. Would these be sufficient? Thanks in advance.

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    Are you wanting to fish in the salt water or in the river? Which species of salmon would you like to catch? June would mean King salmon and Red salmon. Do you fish with traditional tackle or fly fish. More information will get you better answers.
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      I'll be fishing in Soldoltna on the Kenai river (fresh water), I plan on traditional fishing and would like to knwo about (I guess) the length of rods or if I have the right lengths. Also, i have a heavy bait casting reel and a salt water Garcia open face reel I plan on using. Which reel is best suited? In my mind, the open face but I'll wait until some of you experienced fishermen answer. I'm just going to go for what is striking but perfer the Kings.


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        8.5 to 9 ft rod capable of handling up to 25-30# test.

        Conventional/baitcasting reel comparable to a ABU 6500 or Calcutta 400.

        Could go lighter for sockeye, but why? It's a meat market flossery.

        Not much action on the Kenai in June. Head up to the Russian around Father's Day for the peak.
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          Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the add'l info. Alaska seems to draw people back the scenery is so beautiful.


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