Shore Fishing: Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway



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  • Shore Fishing: Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway

    My husband and I want to grab one of these cheap cruises the're offering for the second half of July just to get some fun Alaska fishing in. We catch plenty of salmon in Wisconsin, so we don't need to ship any home, just want to horse around, enjoy the experience and scenery. We did the whole 9 yards 2 years ago, expensive cruise, one week on land, halibut fishing in Resurrection Bay - had a blast! Will be doing land only next year to take in Homer. Anyhooooo....I'm looking for any info regarding my options for shore fishing from the three above mentioned ports. Thinking I might need a car to navigate in Juneau. Not sure about Ketchikan, and really didn't pay attention in Skaygway - drove to the Yukon. So folks, what kind of options do I have here? Also, any info on specific locations/directions, lures, license, what kind of regs I need to be aware of, etc. Thanks for sharing. P.S. - I got my favorite halibut recipe from this board!

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    taxi required in ktown

    Unless you want to fish from the bridge or off the docks or off the breakwater at the mouth of Ketchikan Creek.

    If you want to rent a taxi you can get a ride out to say Mountain Point where some shore fishing can be done.

    Or you can hire me and we will take a short skiff ride hike about a mile or more across the muskegs and catch some Cutthroats.
    johnnie laird


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