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  • Level line rod for Tal Kings

    i am floating the talachulitna in early july this summer. i will mainly be flyfishing for non-salmon species but i am going to buy a level line rod for this trip, for Kings. i have a Shimano 100G level line reel and am wondering what rod (brand and/or size)you all recommend matching it with. on a related note: any tips/suggestions/gear ideas you all have re: this type of fishing will be appreciated. i'm freaked out about line tangles when casting a rig like this. i'll have to put some time in practicing casting..... or detangling line. seems like there is a fine line between the two. thanks all, abel6wt

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    I use a 15-25 pound rod for kings it really depends on what you'll be doing with it, pulling plugs or chucking drift gear. Heavier for pulling plugs.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      I agree with powder monkey

      the kings in the Tal are anywhere from 25-50lb, so be prepared for that. I like the kenai special, I think lamiglass makes that rod, but i could be wrong. I love the braided P-line, but it's a real bear to untangle. Have fun on the tal, it's a fun river to fish!!


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        honestly I wouldn't even bother bringing non fly gear to the tal if you fly fish, its a great fly fishing river and even at the mouth flies outfished other stuff 2-1 the year I was there.

        Good luck finding a 50 pounder, I'd say the typical fish is between 15-30 pounds with a lot right around 20. I saw two over 40 for an entire season.
        I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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          I agree with not wasting too much time with the non-fly equipment. We tried using spinners, spoons and plugs on the Tal with not too much luck. Although I did get a nice rainbow on a spoon. If I were to go again I'd focus on bringing the best fly equipment I could. Not sure if you fish for salmon much, I don't, but be sure you use strong hooks on your flies, we had a few issues with hooks straightening out. Have you fished the Tal before? If you have any questions let me know. I only fished it once but might be able to help with some tips that others consider too obvious to mention. The things that surprised me most when I went: the amount of mosquitoes was ridiculous and we saw bear in 4 of the 6 days. The bear didn't bother us much but a griz and cub did snoop around camp on our last night, they came in twice so we actually hopped in the raft and went down river a bit and setup again.


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            Shimano 100G

            If memory serves me the Shimano 100G is a round shaped black reel correct? If so this is more of a light tackle trolling or bottomfishing reel and will not cast very well unless you are tossing something very heavy.



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              bigjigs, yes you are thinking of the same reel. nice unit, but....... thanks for mentioning that there is a dif. between a casting level line reel and a trolling one. i have had some of the most frustrating exps. with that f'ing reel over the years. truth be known, it is my sockeye "lining" reel(very little casting ), and i have only tried casting it a few times(bad results).

              akpm, thanks for the help lately, i appreciate it. any words of wisdom about floating from judd lake would be useful too. i know the water can be low.....

              maybe i'll forget the non-fly gear and just bring a 10 wt. for salmon fishing. my main reason for considering a casting rig is i've never been to the tal and i don't want my flyfishing snobbery to stop me and my party from hooking up - the "bring the kitchen sink" theory. i also bought the duke bros. video and they fish it hard using similar rigs, kinda got me thinking. fact is, i'll be on the sticks the whole time and will probably fish way less than the other two guys floating with me.

              MikeStaten, i'll pm you with some ?s in the near future, thanks for the offer.

              thanks again everybody, abel6wt


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                using a casting reel requires that you use a correctly weighted lure and know when to put your thumb on the spool to keep it from whiplashing, its tough to figure out but its pretty once you figure it out. If you plan on throwing smallish spinners you might want to get a spinning rod. I'd plan on bringing jigs and bobbers for non fly fishers with a nice medium action ugly stick.

                Oh and thoughts on Judd Lake to the forks, Pack Light!
                I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                  akpm, yeah, i hear you on the "pack light" comment. i've heard horror stories. our plan is to get three guys and all gear in on one beaver flight out of willow for a 5 night float on a 14' nrs cat. that's packing pretty light. we'll see....... our backup plan is lake cr. if the water is too low and people are having probs. do you have a good source of "on the river" info from your guiding days? i'd sure love to be able to call/email some folks in the weeks leading up to our trip for some reliable river level info. on the rod issue, i think my plan is to stick with fly gear and bring a stout spinning rod for the rare king fishing i might do. the other guys that are going with me are big boys and are going to have to make their own call on this one. thanks again, abel6wt


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                    You might check with Chugach Powder Guides (the heli ski outfit) they run trips out of a lodge on Judd Lake. Also Talaheim lodge will know whats going on.

                    If you are going in Early to Mid June there won't be as much dragging. I know people who float it every august regardless of conditions they just seem to not mind walking a ton.
                    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                      For all of you that have floated the Tal, have you run into a lot of bear? We ran into a griz with cubs two times and blacks two times, all in different areas. We didn't have any real issues but I don't seem to hear too much about bears on the river. Is this more than you generally see?



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                        Ran into three adult brownies, two cubs ,and one blackie. The Germans, and Swiss camping right next to us cooking bacon and eggs and feeding the bears did't help.

                        Depending on the year caught several kings over 40 and pushing 50 and i can judge fish sizes relatively well. If you have room take a fly rod and spinning/baitcaster. Have fun with both.

                        Have fun and watch out for flipper rock in the white water section Class 3 short distance.


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                          did you float the river from judd lake down or from one of the other put-in options(forks, mid-river lodges)? thanks for the info, abel6wt


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