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  • New coastgaurd id for six pack license

    Has anyone got the new id required by the coast gard for your six pack license. I got a notice a few months ago i think we haft to get it before april 15th. Not shure how long it takes but i gess you haft to get finger printed again. and get a picture taken..
    Any info would be great and if we haft to do this this is a good reminder for those who didnt get a notice......... How much is the cost...

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    It is called a TWIC card. Short for Transportation Worker Identification Card. If you have a Coast Guard license or require unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities or vessels you have to get a TWIC card.

    Must provide them with identity documents (need two different pieces such as passport & driverl license). They then ask you to fill out a questionaire, then you get a digital photograph, fingerprints, and pay the TWIC fee. Forgot what the fee is but they do accept credit cards and it was something like $150. Don't qoute me on the price though.

    It takes at least a couple of months for the whole process so I would get er done now. The TWIC offices around here that I am aware of are located in Anchorage and Nikiski. You can look it up online and get a head start on the application process part, make an appointment, get directions, cost, when you are required to have it, and so on.

    It has something to do with Homeland Security so Coast Guard has no choice but to make sure everyone is in compliance with this so... Hope that helps.


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      Ditto what iceblue said. I did it at the Anchorage office and it went really well. Get an appointment (online) and try and do it early in the day. I found it kind of a pain to find the information for an appointment tough to find online but with a little googling you can do it.
      If I remember correctly it costs $132.

      I am in the process of renewing my 6-pack as well. Apparently TWIC (homeland security) and the CG do not have computers that talk to each other so basically everything is done twice. I also found out that 6-packs are renewed through Virgina so it could take months to do, if any one needs to renew get it doen 3 to 6 months in advance, as if you wait until you are close to expiration you can not operate after your expiration date, even if your renewal is still in the process. I should be okay but it was a pretty good scare when I went in 2 weeks ago and the guy told me had some from October that were still not processed.


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        just a hint for making your appointment.

        you can schedule it on line, but if you are doing it here in ANchorege, make your appointment for late in the afternoon. There server is connected thru the east coast somehow, and can be terribly SLOW when everone is on it. In the afternoon the East Coast is all shut down and thing move quite a bit faster. also when you get a call that your card is ready for pickup, go to the computer again and schedule an appointment, for the late afternoon.

        good luck, it is really not that much of a pain, just remember the afternoon thing, goes much faster- trust me.


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          TWIC card

          A little more info on the TWIC card. If you do not get it by the dead line all is not lost. The issue is if you work at say the port of Anchorage and you do not have it by the deadline you will not be allowed past the gate to go to work. If you are in my case and have a Master's license and missed the deadline, it does not stop you from driving your boat, you just can't access any security areas. The problem comes when its time to renew your license and if you don't have one it becomes a problem and you will not get your license renewed without it.


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            It's O'bama's fault !!!:eek:
            johnnie laird


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              Licensed captains

              Coast Guard down here stated in a meeting of boat operators last month that if a licensed captain operates without a TWIC card after April 15 that he is subject to fines and possible license revocation proceedings. This applies to vessels without secured areas, such as six-pack fishing charters.


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                Thanks King fisher, it's obvious I was given bad info.


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