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  • unsafe ice warnings?

    In todays ADN : Ohio may institute 'thin ice' warnings for anglers


    I really like how some feel it was the authority's fault.

    QUOTE : Marc Hudson, president of the Western Basin Fishing Association in northern Ohio, agreed that a warning system would be a good idea. He said it was unfair that all the blame for what happened last month fell on the fishermen and that authorities who failed to warn them should share the responsibility.

    I think I would have to agree with Sheriff Bratton on this incident.

    QUOTE : Many fishermen remain angry with Ottawa County Sheriff Robert Bratton, who said it was idiotic that some anglers built a makeshift bridge across the cracking ice last month.

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    It sounds like outrage over a tackless statment. Even though the sheriff is correct, emotional friends and family will be looking for some one to point the finger at.

    I don't have any problem with setting up a warning system, but ultimatly it is the fishermans responsibility to determine the ice conditions.


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      Natural Selection: FAIL

      First of all, I am originally from Ohio, and I have to say all of those who drove over pallets to cross open water were destined for disaster. If mother nature had her way, they would have been removed from the gene pool. Although it's probibly not politically correct to say, human intervention in these situations only dumbs down our society.
      We never really grow up, we only learn
      how to act in public


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        Wow! Been there done that!

        Similar situations all across the Great Lakes every year. This year in Saginaw Bay they were driving out 20 miles to the Charity Islands to fish Walleye and Perch needless to say some go through the ice and lose their vehicles some go out with the wind. There are always cracks in the ice from wind blowing in and out and of course the making of more ice with cold weather and YOU choose to either play the odds and pay the price or play it safe. It is just a fish!!!!!!!!!!! Not worth a 20K truck or a life.

        30 years ago my brother, father and I were ice fishing out of Caseville Mich in Saginaw Bay and the wind switched and a large chuck of ice blew out about 5 miles away from where we were fishing. About an hour after that the ice we were fishing started to sway and buckle needless to say we got off ASAP however about 20 people decided it was good fishing and stayed and of course went for a ride and had to be rescued.

        Bottom Line if you make a choice to go onto the ice knowing the situation which of course you should and you choose to cross a gap or go out in a high wind blowing off shore you and you alone are 100% responsible for your life and any expense that occurs if you're rescued. Now if a cutter came along and sent you sailing that is a different set of rules and yes you should be warned and someone else should share the blame and a warning should be given.


        Signed Yikes!


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          Truer words were never spoken!

          Originally posted by big_dog60 View Post
          I don't have any problem with setting up a warning system, but ultimatly it is the fishermans responsibility to determine the ice conditions.
          AMEN! When you ice fish, you are knowingly taking a risk with significant consequences. These people who want to point fingers obviously didn't take the time to think about how thick the ice was and what might happen. They don't want to think it is all so black and white but that is exactly how it is.
          "Ya can't stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters!!!!"- Ted Nugent.


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            Fishermans Fault!

            I ice fish a lot. Sometimes I am the first one in this area to be out ice fishing.
            I always play it safe drill several test holes on the way out. I also use a spud bar (long handle ice chisel) to tap my way out if the bar goes through I turn around.Ice picks are a must too. Plus I start with small local lakes that I know well and have no flowing water in or out.
            If I fall through because of thin ice or getting to close to springs or inlets/outlets or whatever I blame no one but myself.
            Not sure how one would monitor all area lakes for thin ice or other dangers.
            With all the lakes and differing conditions on each lake one would find this a near impossible task.At least on the Kenai peninsula.
            The big lakes like Skilak, Kenai,and Tustumena they have warning signs about lake travel and hypothermia. I think this is enough.
            How would one monitor a big lake like Lake Erie. Sure you could give general warnings based on local weather and fishermans reports,but, you can't test everywhere a person might wish to fish.
            Saw a tv show a few years ago where they required all those traveling on local lakes to install flotation on all atv's and snowmobiles traveling on the ice.They just mounted 3" or 4" pvc pipes capped on the ends onto the sides of their machines. I guess they had to rescue several people every year who were found floating on top of their machines. soundeed like a good idea for states on the edge of the ice fishing belt. I think This was in southern Wisconsin or Iowa.
            Anyway it was the fishermans fault no question.
            On Lake superior near where I grew up the smart fisherman used a small johnboat or canoe to tow their gear out and for self rescue if needed.
            Just my .02 cents
            "The closer I get to nature the farther I am from idiots"

            "Fishing and Hunting are only an addiction if you're trying to quit"


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              Really? A warning system?

              Did the makeshift bridge not set off the warning alarm? I've been the guy who has made unwise decisions to go onto honeycombed ice for some premium crappie fishing. Sliding 100 yards on your belly in slush to literally punch a hole through the honeycombed ice for some slabs is apparently frowned upon by some parents of a 16 year old! And when you finally slide all the way back to shore, you will have wished it was your backside against the ice to numb the pain of the lashing you are recieving! That of course was years ago, and I somehow evaded the Darwin awards! At any rate, despite every warning in the world, the one venturing out bears the ultimate responsibility. Live like there is no tomorrow, because with decision making like this, there is a good chance there won't be.
              Although some can call it Catchin', I still have to call it fishin'.


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                A warning syswtem? How about failure to accept responsibility for y our own decision. the problem with a warning system is if the authories running it get it wrong, or unexpected circumstances happen, then you have a mega lawsuit happening. Accept responsibility for your own actions.


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