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    Whats the best line to put on the tip-ups. i bought 2 tip-ups they came with no line, I have Loads of 25lb Mono, do you think that would work? Want to get the wife and kids out ice fishing, Whats the closest place for lakers from Eagle river?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I use 30lb dacron from the bulk spool I also use for fly line backing. Then I just use a mono leader a few feet long tied on the end. Dacron stays limp when it's cold and there is no memory making it much more managable. Plus you can see it, which helps if you end up with a bunch of line lying on the ice or it gets tangled (which happens with tipups). It's also nice to see which way a fish is going when you approach a flag. And it's much easier to grab and work with when you get a fish. I would advise against spooling up completely with mono for tipups.

    I believe the closest lake with lakers from Eagle River is probably Long Lake off the Glen Hwy. Otherwise people looking for lakers typically keep going out to Lake Louise or head down to Hidden Lake on the peninsula.

    Be wary of overflow this time of year - I was on a Pt. Mac lake yesterday and there was a good 4" of water standing on the ice at the bottom of 18" of snow. Made for an interesting trip.
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      I would use 40# black Polar Ice tipup line. Put about 50 yards on there. If your serious about lakers hit Louise, Hidden or Crosswinds lakes.
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        Thanks guys for the tip! sounds good. the mono getting tanlged reminds me alot of growing up, I hated the traps with the stuff. thanks for the reminder. I'll try to 40lb ice fishing line. Next question, what is the best tip-up for up here? I am a Mainer transplant, so we do things slightly different. I want good traps, I got the 2 cheapos for the kids to learn, but if this takes off, I'll get some better ones. I myself will still do some jigging.....don't mess with success...
        Thanks again!


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          The Frabill Polar tip ups for $18 at Sportsmans are awesome. They eliminate your tangles and will cover your hole well. I use the ones that have the styrofoam on the bottom and I love them.
          "Ya can't stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters!!!!"- Ted Nugent.


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