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  • Halibut Charter $$ Seward

    Anybody have a sense of Charters going down in cost from last year?

    a) gas is so much cheaper. about half the cost of last year

    b) economy may not be hurting bad up here, but tourists from the lower 48 are probably going to be thinner this summer.


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    Charter costs in Seward

    Diesel fuel in Seward has gone down from 5 dollars a gallon last summer to 4.40 a gallon this year. About 10% cheaper. All the reputable charter operators are charging the same as last year. There a few newer operators that you can find that are discounting their trips. In most people's opinion, cheaper in not better here in Seward. You will either not run far enough or go with someone who has been fishing for a year or two and that will result in not catching the right grade of fish. I know of 12 charters that are not running this summer that were in Seward last year, so there are less boats to choose from.

    Myself and my friends here in Seward ( who are still in business after last years fuel gouging)are keeping their rate rates the same as last year in hopes of not losing money like last year. Bookings seem to be coming in briskly right now for the summer season, so I wouldn't expect too much of a bargin after May.

    Shop the sportsman show and I am sure someone will be selling a cheaper trip.


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      Diesel on the water is still $4.40? Unbelievable. At the pump here in KC, Missouri it is $1.79.


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        !!!! $1.79 ??!!!!

        ***, over!!!


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          Feel Your Pain

          Most people have asked why we in Kodiak haven't dropped our prices just like in Seward. It's tough to explain to people that gas just dropped to 2.99 and diesel to 3.36 last week. The other things people don't think of is basic cost of living. For instance 3.50 for one green pepper, grapes 5.30 a pound.

          I still wouldn't live any where else.
          Shawn Gornall


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            In Miami it was $1.69 at the gas station and $2.69 at the dock back in Dec.
            Living the Alaskan Dream
            Gary Keller
            Anchorage, AK


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              Fuel seems to be always more expensive at the docks no matter where you are, but when you add in the fact that Alaska already pays some of the nations highest gas prices you realise that these boats can't charge pennies and stay in business.
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