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  • Designated Disabled Platforms--Fishing

    I have a silly question. Are there any "designated" disabled platforms (for river fishing) on our rivers/streams/creeks in South Central?

    I see the walkways all over the place--I'm a true hardcore bank maggot, but just was curious how a disabled person may want to fish w/o asking the mob to politely--willingly move. If not feel intimidated.

    We have set space for disabled parking, but I was uncertain if there was anything set-up for folks in wheel chairs.

    Thanks for your positive feedback. I certainly appreciate it!

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    There's a place on the Russian River right next to the Ferry that is wheelchair-only fishing...or at least it used to be the last time I fished down at the confluence (8 years ago?). I feel like there's one on the Kenai by the Soldotna bridge as well, but I could be wrong on that one.


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      there are designated handicapped fishing spots at the spit hole, too.
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        Bird Creek Has One

        I am pretty sure they built one during the megabucks rebuild at Bird Creek.
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          Originally posted by Brian M View Post
          There's a place on the Russian River right next to the Ferry that is wheelchair-only fishing...or at least it used to be the last time I fished down at the confluence (8 years ago?). I feel like there's one on the Kenai by the Soldotna bridge as well, but I could be wrong on that one.

          It is still there Brian. We see it everytime we float.
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            Several of the Soldotna city parks with boardwalk access on the Kenai River have designated handicap access. Soldotna Creek Park is a prime example. There are wheelchair ramps that go all the way down to the river and there are designated fishing spots on the river bank boardwalk when you get down there.
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              There are also handicapped spots at Rotary Park in Soldotna - just past the end of the airport heading out Funny River Road and there will be at the Chamber of Commerce fishwalk....I know the money was appropriated by the city and Kenai River Sportfishing to build it but not sure if it got done this fall.....too much snow right now to check it out but I would bet the Chamber web site or the folks in the office would be able to provide that information. There is no charge to fish at those three sites however there is a parking fee for all users.....just like at Centennial and Swiftwater campgrounds. Soldotna Creek Park is free to all users and there is no parking charge at this time.


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                Marine Recon maybe?

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                None the less, I think, or I'd hope, people would be gracious enough in areas without a desgined area to make room for you.

                I've also found that if you cast wildly, people tend to give you a little more room too.

                If you are a disabled vet, PM me.


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                  I believe they have an excess spot on Allision Point in Valdez.


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                    There is one in a pretty good spot on the Buskin here in Kodiak too.


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                      Trip, they have them in quite a few areas. The Russian jumps out at me. It is wheel chair accessible even though you will have to figure out how to get the wheelchair across on the fairy. You can go into the water with your wheelchair but FYI you may get stuck as that area has some roots sticking out of it and it is a tad sandy. I have seen guys with walkers in the handicapped area.

                      But it also depends what you want to do and fish for.
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                        There's also handicapped spots at Bing's Landing.


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                          Ship Creek

                          There is a handicap fishing platform at Ship creek. It was a nice addition in the effort to "spruce" up the creek, but the person(s) that picked the location for it obviously isn't familiar with the creeks tides. It is located up by the hotel and unless there is a large high tide, pretty much impossible for someone to fish the creek from it. Then when we get the 30 ft tides, the platform is "submerged" by about 2-4 inches of water. From what I've observed, most of the people at Ship will make room for the disabled and assist if needed too. Of course there are those that only think of themsevles, but unfortunately they are everywhere, not just SC.


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                            you all forgot the funny river campground...there is a great spot to fish from a wheelchair there, with a great view and its never very packed....decent fishing for trout, kings, silvers, and reds....when the water is low its a little more difficult to get and stay in the strike zone, but there are 2 points you can fish from and catch would be a great spot to target silvers and trout with bait when legal, and some of the biggest dollies ive ever caught came from that spot...

                            campbell creek here in anchorage also has several great access points/holes for silvers and trout in late there early morning with bait and you should have little or no problem catchin your 2 fish limit.....arctic and dimond blvd, campbell creek greenbelt on west dimond blvd, tudor and folker street access for catch & release trout and silvers, the campbell airstrip access point for nice trout (C&R), watch for bears!!! also if you want a good tour of the anchorage greenbelt, you could take your wheelchair all along the paved bike trail from dimond blvd to new seward highway, bring your fishin rod cause there are at least a dozen good holes right on the trail...few if any other fishermen...

                            another place i would recommend is goin to seward and fishin in the harbor from the docks...most years the silvers hit pretty strong in there but last year seemed to be crap....

                            you could catch pinks from the rv area in Hope on resurrection creek,too.

                            Little Su River has at least 2 places you could fish from a wheelchair with mixed results...

                            sheep creek you could fish right next to the bridge on the north downstream side and catch pinks, trout, maybe a silver or king if you time it right in the morning, and for sure grayling....if you fish here dont be fooled by the water out in the middle underneath and below the bridge, it looks shallow but it is 3-5 feet deep and holds big rainbows and grayling.

                            but man if people are being rude....i dunno..thats not cool. If I see someone waitin for fish , im the guy thatll give em my spot. I can always find another.

                            Ive always wondered this come you never see handicapp dudes ice fishing?

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