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  • Patching a quickfish

    I accedently cut a hole in my quickfish III on sunday. I was lifting the auger up into the back of the truck to put the cap on it and I slipped and the auger cut a nice clean inch long hole in my ice hut. So I was wondering if any one knew a good way to patch them.

    I have also had difficulty with the windows breaking. Is there any way to get replacements that won't break?

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    Get yourself one of the simms wader patch kits.
    Like this:

    It has 2 patches and a small tube of aquaseal.
    Ues the large patch and aquaseal to repair the rip on the inside of the tent.

    Several years ago I had my main hoop pole on my tent break in the middle of the night. In the morning there was a 2" rip in the fly.
    I used my simms wader repair kit to fix it and it works as good as new.
    I replaced the broken pole connector with a spare aluminum peg cut to fit for the rest of the trip.
    Best $6 you can spend in my books!!!

    As for the windows, remove them from the shelter before collapsing it.
    When you put the shelter in it's bag lay the windows over the shelter and then zip the case up.
    You may even want to bring them in the shelter to warm up for a minute before packing the shelter away for the day.
    They are much less likely to crack when they are not all folded up inside the tent.


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      Alaska tent and tarp can patch your hut. They may also be able to make windows (but price them with Eskimo first).
      I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
      Bill Hicks


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        Free windows.....

        at the Sportsman's warehouse. Just bring them your broken windows and they still have some left. They replaced two of mine. Eskimo sells them for $8.00 each, but I believe the shipping is $20.00. As far as patching your fishhouse. Cut a piece of material off the flap inside your carrying bag, or cut a piece of the extra material that came with your quickfish, and glue it over the hole.


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          funny how an ice shanty made by pros that are accomodating ice fishermen can come with windows that break in the cold :confused:.


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            I second Alaska Tent and Tarp for fixing the windows. Even if you can get free replacements, they will break again. Just get some good ones and be done with it.
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