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  • ?????

    Can anyone tell me what they call the round foam rig setup holders. They are about 3 inches around and they have slices about every 1/4 to 1/2 inch and they are for rapping up your made up setups. For the life of me I cant find what they call them. Thanks for any info that you all can provide.

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    Something like this? Found it at Cabelas. If so, I have seen some larger ones for saltwater. Also seen folks use the foam "swim noodle" from Walmart and cut them into 8-12" sections. Cheap alternative.

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      Most people use pipe insulation that comes in about 5 ft lenghts.

      Just cut to the length you want and then make the slices in it.Very cheap.

      You can get it at SBS or Homo Depot .


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        Fun Noodles!! Much cheaper and work just as well. Got the idea from a buddy a couple years ago.
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          I bought mine at Sportsmans Warehouse here in Fairbanks, I cant remember what they are called. They had two sizes, a 6" and 12" long model. I'm going to use them for bead fishing this fall, I'm thinking they will work great.

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            Lindy Wraps

            Al Lindner calls 'em money. The inside is hollow for storing slip weights, used with Lindy Rigs for walleyes. While you could use a cheaper alternative, these do save space in the tackle box. Do you use these Lindy Rigs for salmon?


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