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    Hey all,
    What's the youngest age you'd take a kid fishing for kings and halibut?
    My son is 7 and 50lbs soaking wet, (skinny but scrappy) and I'd love to get him into some fish. He'd love it and has been asking to go since last year.
    He handles his own rod and casts pretty well for 7, and loves icefishing.
    Since it's our last summer here I've been thinking about taking him on a charter but am worried about his size.
    Of course we'd both be in PFD's, always safety first, but is he still too small/young?
    What are your opinions? And if you think he'd be gtg are there any charters that you would recommend?
    I'm sure there are captains and crew that don't want kids and I wouldn't want that.
    Thanks for any opinions/advice in advance.

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    I'd go for it, but likely not fish myself or at least be prepared to put the rod away and focus on my kid. Heck I still worry with my 11 year old on the river. He still tries to bob like a cork in a pair of waders.
    Thanks, Matt

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      your best bet is to get friends and family together to book the whole boat. that way if things "go bad" you are the ones calling the shots. there are several guys i would point you toward for kid-fishing, the most important thing is catching... doesn't matter what. jig for some rockfish, catch 200 tomcod , as long as there is action.
      don't expect the boy to reel up #2 of lead in 200' of water... target chickens at slack tide off the bluffs, or in water under 100'.
      you will have a blast!
      my boy is on the water with me all the time in the summer, but he wasn't good for a whole day until he was 7 1/2. he still has no patience or trolling unless we are on the rockfish
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        The youngest kid that I had on a charter to fish was 5 years old. His dad paid for the boat and there was only 3 people on the trip, The kid has his own pole and gear. He fished all day and his goal was to catch a 50 pound Halibut. He ended up with 1 that was 56 pounds and the other was 45 pounds. The biggest thing that a lot of parents do not know is if the kids can take the wave motion of the ocean. It is really bad to watch a little kid get sick all day. I know when I was a kid I got sick in the car,boat,airplane, circus rides but it did not stop me from fishing. In 1979 I rent a charter boat out of Seward for two days and the first day I was sick the whole time but I fished. The second day I took dramine and slept all the out and back but I fished when I got out there.


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          Chuck, I agree with all these guys. Take him but pe prepared to focus the trip on him. For halibut, definitely find another couple with a child and book the entire boat. Maybe think about going out af Ninilchik as the boat ride to the fishing grounds is much shorter than going out of Homer or Valdez. Also, the advice about seasickness shouldn't be taken lightly. If all he remembers about his first charter is being sick, that might likely be the last charter he'll ever want to go on. As for kings, keep an eye on him and he'll be fine, but I'd personally start out on silvers as they tend to be more plentiful and somewhat easier to catch. My teenage boys have always loved to fish but kings were their least favorite. Not many seven year old have the attantion span to stand in freezing water all day waiting for "the big one" Whatever you decide, make it his trip. If he's bored and would rather play on the bank in the mud, let him have at it. It's not always as much about the fish you catch as the experience of just being out together with your kids. Good Luck
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            for all advice. We have some outlaws coming up this summer and will maybe try to get the whole boat. Good idea. He's always asking if we can get out in the boat for some big fish. I've rented a boat at our local lake and we've spent the whole day tearing out little rainbows. I'm always done way before he is. He'd probably sleep in the boat if it was possible.
            Also, I get seasick and take the seasick pills and would probably load him up as well just as a precaution.
            Thanks again guy's.


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              I have my boys with me almost every trip. My oldest son is about to turn 6 and his brother is 3 1/2. We usually fish out of Whittier. This will be their third summer on our boat. My youngest was only 18 months on his first trip. On one trip to Seward last year we learned he gets seasick. Nothing like a 2 1/2 year old puking and saying "daddy I sick" over and over (my 6 yr old has an iron stomach). After that we purchased those wrist bands, they worked ok out of Homer last year (he only got sick once). Our doc prescribed Phenergan for this upcoming season. My whole family would rather fish PWS, even if we don't catch many fish we have lots of shrimp for the boys to play with, sometimes we get lucky and get a little octopus. We also spend quite a bit of time on the beach letting them just be boys. I carry plenty of special snacks, ones they don't get everyday. This way, no mater what happens, they have a really good time and create some great memories.

              I hope this helps. I also hope you two catch a bunch of halibut on your trip.
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                Kids are great on the water

                Mine are grown, but the memories are still with us. I encourage families to include all ages especially the kids on our boat. I suggest that you make sure you have some treats, bottled water, saltines and a little candided ginger for seasickness, plus warm wear if they have to nap --- probably all items you already have considered. Also, if your going out on a friend's boat, see if you can bring along a small gas grill and burn some hot dogs and some pre-wrapped/assembled smores in aluminum paper. A hot meal, on the salt, with Dad/Mom and friends it's what memories are made of....I know you'll love it.


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                  I have taken kids fishing as a charter boat captain. The biggest fear is seasickness. There is one guy I will not take because he thouth I would let him catch his granddaughter's fish. She was 7 or 8, she puked and cried all day long. I was furious at the end of the day! Looking back I will be taking people back to the dock when it comes to that. Other wise bring stuff for junior to do. Nintendo DS, portable DVD player, any handheld games or travel games. You need to keep them occupied, just like road trips or air travel. I too would recomend the whole boat charter. As a kid, I too puked everytime I fished the ocean and it sucked! I would be leery about seasickness, esp since you are a victim as well. Talk to the captain about your goals and what you want. Shop for a charter you think is a good fit. You don't want a "Mind over Matter" (I don't mind... You don't matter) Surly captain/ crew. Look at web pages for someone with younger kids, and ask them what they do for fun fishing with their kids. I took a bunch of 8 year old girls fishing this last Sept. for Silvers and they had an absolute ball! Proteceted water, a red hot bite, and lots of snacks made the day fly! I think we came home a few hours early beacause they limited and were ready to get their pictures taken.

                  Fishing with kids is one of the best gifts you will enjoy together! make it happen.


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                    I would try one of the afternoon half day deals. They are cheaper and will take you to a chicken patch (If quantity over quality is desired) and you can catch a bunch of fish without having to go outside into the rough stuff. Something to think about.

                    I was 7 too the first time I went King/Halibut fishing. I caught fish and I puked and don't regret it. Not a soft stomach but not an iron fist either. Everyone is different.
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