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  • Lead Smelter

    This worked so good I had to share.

    Things you will need:

    Black Iron Pipe about 8 inch in diameter x 14 inch long
    3 feet of 3/8 stainless rod
    10 inch x 10 inch 1/4 plate
    3/4 x 3 inch stainless bolt
    3/4 threaded union stainless or zinc
    1/2 inch 45 degree black iron
    1/2 inch x 8 inch black iron nipple
    3/4 pipe thread tap

    One turkey fryer....every good red neck has one

    1. Take the 1/4 plate and place the pipe so it is centered on the plate.
    2. Take a soap stone and circle the pipe marking the plate.
    3. Drill a 1/2 hole in the plate about 1 inch from the soap stone marking.
    4. Take the 3/4 threaded union and cut about one inch off one end.
    5. Weld the the union centered over the hole you cut in the plate.
    6. Drill three 3/8 holes in the base of the union you just welded to the plate just above the weld.
    7. Take a 3/4 pipe tap and run it down the union to make sure the bolt will move up and down smoothly.
    8. Take the stainless rod and cut about 8 inches off it and weld it making a t-handle
    9. Weld the 3/4 stainless bolt to the t-handle making sure it is pretty well centered
    10. Take the 45 degree angle black iron fitting and weld it on the opposite side of the 1/4 plate. You will want to make sure the angle is toward the shortest section of plate like in the photo.
    11. Now take the t-handle with the 3/4 bolt welded to it and run it all the way down the union making sure you see some of the bolt on the other side through the 45 degree black pipe fitting. If none of the bolt shows you will need to cut the union down or lead will just keep flowing.
    12. Now weld the 8x14 black pipe to the 1/4 plate and you have a smelter. You will want to fill it with water to make sure it doesn't leak.
    13. If it doesn't leak your good to go. The next thing is you may have to cut a hole in the base of your turkey frier so the black iron nipple comes through.

    It will take a little getting use too finding out how many turns it takes to start the flow of lead, but once you do it's really easy.

    If you have problems with lead coming out of the 8 inch nipple cut it back to about 5 or 6 inches. Not to much or it gets pretty hot holding your hands that close to the cooker.

    I can melt around 100 pounds at a time with this thing. It really makes casting downrigger balls and weights really quick.

    One tip, make sure you cut some ply wood to set on top of the pot. If you melt anything that has been around water it will splatter causing a mess and is pretty dangerous.

    Good Luck
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    Shawn Gornall

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    One More Photo

    Just one more photo
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    Shawn Gornall


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      good idea

      never thought about building my own pot. ive been using a cast iron pan which works ok but i need to keep it pretty full to be able to fill my ladel. ill have to hit up the plumbers at the job to make me a pot .


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