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    anyone here hire a charter service to get to some sweet spots to ice fish? i am starting to think about doing this for next year. kotzebue sheefish, lake illiamna lakers, wood tikchik lakes for big pike. would like to hear from experiance about how to pack your gear along with a sled to be mobile as well as shelter and food for a few days on some remote ice. costs and experiances would be great.

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    I'd fly commercial then hopefully find a lodge or something with a sno go for those good luck
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      Iíve gone twice now in the last 6 weeks and froze my butt off both times. I canít imagine hauling in gear through a transporter to go ice fishing. However, try Kirk Wilson at Crosswinds Lodge. 3 Ĺ hr drive on the Glenn Hwy (mile 170) and a 25 mile Snowmachine trip out to his cabins. $75 bucks a night I think is what he charges for a nice warm cabin and all the awesome lake trout and Burbot fishing you can handle. I wouldnít have a clue what an ice-fishing trip to the SW would run you.

      I know Fresh Water Adventures has a Grumman that can haul rec equipment like sleds around in the SW area if thatís what you meant by ďsled.ĒI donít know what their flying season is though. Contact Jerry Ball the owner.

      Good year.
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        the kotzebue ice fishing for sheefish is best in the spring...not too far from kotzebue. Probably less than an hour run (by snowmachine) from town. The great video posted a few days ago looked just like that . In the spring, the herring arrive below the ice, and the sheefish are just gorging themselves. I never went jigging for them during my few trips up there, but I did have the chance to go out and help someone check an under-the-ice gillnet for them.
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          Call the guys at Arrowhead Outfitters. They advertise for spearing but you can go to just ice fish. I went out late november and was geting into the 15 pounders, about 25 fish total, and that was still early.


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            good tip, thanks g.r.p.


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              Thoughts on SW

              I'm not aware of any commercial transporters on skis out in the Bristol Bay area...not that it's impossible, just haven't heard of it (but I live there). Lots of locals have skis on their planes so if you knew one, or a buddy out of Anc that has one...that could be an option.

              Your idea sounds like fun. That said, it's tough to pick the right time....if you go in is marginal days are short, fishing is good....Jan or is much thicker and weather could be brutal for overnighters but fishing is still good....March or April....great weather but more than four feet of ice and I feel the fishing slacks off a bit....May...sometimes ice...sometimes not.

              I snowmachine and icefish all over the Wood River Lakes so I'll give you a tip....scratch the big pike off your list from that system. I know exactly where to go in the summers, and have caught a few...however, after much attempt at it in the was a no go. There are lots of nice pike in that system...however a TRUE taped 40 incher isn't common at all....low thirties to mid thirties is a nice fish. You can do as well or better on much closer systems.

              Also, unless you have a hot tip...these lakes are pretty large to huge and fish densities overall aren't that great, so mobility is big (i.e. snowmachine) as is a power auger so you can explore (few maps of these lakes).

              My honest suggestion for Bristol Bay, would be to meet some folks who would rent you a snowgo and a sled (or go with you...)...bring some serious winter camping gear and start at some of the closer stuff. (Tikchik Lakes are 3 hours from Dillingham on a "blaze" marked trail...that after a good snow is obliterated...). So winging it might be a little daunting and there's good stuff inbetween.

              Not shooting you down at all, but it's not the same as getting a floatplane air charter.

              One option for the Lake Clark Lakers is to call the Alsworth family in Port Alsworth...the would be a good source of info on feasibility. They run a lodge, fly charter...grow crops... and just about run the place.


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