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  • Seward Washed Out

    Just caught a glimps of it on the news last night. Wow, what a lot of water! It said the bridge by the waterfall was washed out. It even showed a silver swimming across the road. I thought the soils there would be more porous. Has this happened in Seward before? Just wondering.
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    yup. 20 years ago almost identical situation. Although in THAT instance they almost lost the retaining wall in Lowell Canyon which would have pretty much wiped out a majority of downtown Seward. While driving thru 2-3 feet of water in front of the lagoon by the harbor you could actually hear the salmon "Thudding" off the bumper. After the water receded the ball fields behind the culverts/harbor where small ponds STACKED with Silvers! F&G stated that they considered it a terminal fishery (no joke) an us local kids had a BALL snagging em out of there. Didn't take long to figure out that if ya threw on some waders and went out to the pitchers mound it was easier to cover the bases.
    That flood also took out the bridge at mile 15 (Near the Hostel, South of Primrose) effectively cutting Seward of much like what has happened to Valdez this week.
    We where told then that this was a "100 year flood"...funny how time flies....
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