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  • Trip to Kodiak wanted, name your trade!

    I would like to set up a trip to Kodiak for a week or 2 in June. Not just fishing, but getting to know the town and what's available in the area. Not looking for a lodge experience, would rather find a bunk with someone, or rent a room somewhere. Would like to get out on a private boat, with local people. Not interested in bringing home a bunch of fish, the host can have them, or just release. I have plenty here.......

    I'm willing to help out as needed while I'm there, would consider working as a skipper or deckhand for a lodge part of the time (I hold a Master's License and run a charter in Oregon). I can also cut timber and run heavy equipment. Cash for groceries and fuel! The fishing swap is for tuna out of Newport. I'm open for ideas and suggestions!

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