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2009 Tanner Crab season

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  • 2009 Tanner Crab season

    I am thinking of buying a buddy a pot puller but i want to make sure they will open the season again this summer before i do. Has anyone heard if they are going to open the season again in K-Bay? I looked at the Ak website and did not see anything about it. thanks for your help!

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    i think i was told the decision would be made in june, after all the permits have been tabulated and perhaps F&G has cone a survey.
    i think that they will be doing a dungeness pot survey in august
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      So they will let you know in June if the season will open in Mid July? I guess thats what they need to make it work. After the article in ADN over the weekend i cant see how they would not open it but what do i know. Thanks Dave!


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