how is this year's POW Island Steelhead run?



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  • how is this year's POW Island Steelhead run?

    First post!!!A little about myself.
    I am a member of another forum down in the PNW, own a boat graphics/graphic design business, and a small cabin and boat rental business on Prince of wales. I try and fish AK as often as I can. Usually a few times to POW, and another trip to the Bristol Bay area. I find Alaska to be such a special place, and am honored to own a peice of AK. It's been a life long dream!
    I am inquiring about the steelhead forecast for SE alaska, primarily
    Prince of Wales Island. I'd to come and fish in April.
    Last year it really never amounted to much, very slow year. Hoping I could get some advice or update from a member there. Feel free to PM me if you can help me out. I would Sure appreciate it very much!


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    very slow

    It has been very cold with lots of low water conditions .... very few out fishing for Steelhead. Probably some 'subsistence' hunters killing a few of what is around.

    They have arrived and are in normal numbers here in Ward Lake / creek system in Ketchikan.

    Don't know if they are setting up any weirs out on any of POW systems this year for Steelhead or not. I am going down to get my Log books and will talk with Sportfish and report back tomorrow.
    johnnie laird


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      thanks so much for the quick reply!!


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        Not sure anybody does steelhead forecasts here
        I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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          It will be mostly Chromey with egg and milt showers later in the month of March and into April.


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            I am glad you found this site it is one of my other hangouts on the net.
            Mike Miller


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              ADF&G report

              I was in the sport fish division today to get my Log Books.

              Only the Secretary was there ... every one else is at the Board of Fish meeting in Sitka.

              She said as son as they get back they will be out on POW doing their annual snorkel surveys.

              Probably find lots of snagging hooks like they normally do :eek: !!!!!
              johnnie laird


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