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    Alright guys and gals. I would like to know if there is an interest in being able to organize an event or series of small group outtings for the Airmen of this Air Force Base. Because I am not from Alaska nor have I been there, I have no clue what options are around.

    I do know however that there is a desire by these men and women to get out and about when they can. This would be my job to help organize this but I need some ideas.

    If you live near or would be willing to travel to one location to show these fine men and women how much they are appreciated and how much they can appreciate the outdoors then please speak up.

    All we need is a date, location and the number of service members you want to make smile. We will help you with the rest and if it requires travel to a desired location then we will be able to arrange for that as well.

    Speak up! Be heard! Be Proud!

    You can contact me on here or you may send me an email personally at mike@takeasoldierfishing.com
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    Boater Registration[/url]
    Donation Form[/url]
    Soldier Sign Up Form[/url]


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      Service organizations

      Well there are several events planned yearly that I know of. One being organized by the Moose club of Eagle River to take Service men and women on the Kenai every September 11th, guides volunteer their boats and time. Theres the annual veterans fishing trip (which of course allows active duty members and their families) on the Little Susitna put on by the local Disabled Veterans chapter and the Wasilla Veterans center. That one is usually the last weekend in July and free of charge.
      Therese also a halibut trip out of Homer I believe every year but I haven't been on that one so I don't have details for that. My advice for all service men and women is to contact their local chapters of the American Legions, the AMVETS, or VFW's, to see what is going on in their area. The Wasilla Veterans Center's number is 376-4318.
      I assist with the veterans fishing trip every year and anyone needing information on that trip can contact me.


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        Boater Registration
        Donation Form
        Soldier Sign Up Form

        If you would like to participate in this event please use the above forms to sign up. If you would like to take the lead on this event and be the Point of Contact for organizing then please let me know. We are looking for simple events that allow for time out in the outdoors with these service members. If you choose to have a bigger event that is up to you. Keep in mind that if this event requires more than 2 hours of travel time from the base then please consider lodging arrangements for the service members. Meals do not need to be at a 4 Star restaurant when hotdogs or sandwhiches will suffice. Its the time together, sharing knowledge and stories that will help these men and women let go of some of the demons they possess.

        If you have a suggestion for a form or need to have a new one made to better suit your needs please let me know. We will do whatever it takes to assist you in getting these guys and gals out and away for a day or weekend. Thank you for your continued support!


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          Fishbyday - Thank you for your post. Every little bit of information helps veterans realize the resources availabe to them. We have found that most of todays veterans (OIF/OEF) are out of touch with the American Legion and VFW organizations mainly because of the age differences. They realize later in life after they are married and settled down that this may be a place where they fit in. We as an organization try and set up the trips for all service members, but the focus has been on the single soldiers living in the barracks staring at the same four walls. We try and take out as many excuses as to why they can't attend one so we have the most participation. I love this country and the support groups that we have in place now for our service members. Our program is no different than any other out there that supports service members. If we can help these other ones have a better response then we will do all we can to help promote them as well.


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            Feeling retarded right now....

            Alright, well here I thought I was all cool and posted some different threads about fishing. Then someone even cooler than me comes along and combines them all into one. (This is really cool!) Then I think WOW! I have 10 posts already? AND I was Stickied to the top? This site rocks! Then my bobber filled with water when I saw my own posts crammed in there. LOL Then it REALLY sank when I finally admitted to myself that I have no clue how to edit my own posts so I can clean it up.

            Sooooo will someone please share with me on how to edit ones own posts please?

            Thank you very much for sticking this to the top as well and I have fixed the forms so that PayPay is off of them. More of a pain than anything. Thank you again. Mike


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              Might of been

              It might of been a Vietnam vet that put this all together in one spot to support the military. Just a guess.....

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                Well it definately is appreciated. Your service that is. I am sure it has changed a whole bunch since you have been in. At least the way you can talk to and treat your soldiers. It has become apparent that the treatments and denials about PTSD are still the same. So my wife and I decided to do something about it. Now we have a pretty big following of beleivers and soldiers.

                One thing that we try to teach everybody that we come in contact is this.... it doesn't matter what branch you are serving with, bullets still fly straight and the enemy doesn't care what rank you are. So neither do we.

                The worst thing anyone can tell you is no, but even worse than that is not asking.


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                  If there is a daytrip planned sometime, I would be interested in tagging along and even offer to drive! I'm not in the service, but know how to fish and would enjoy meeting some of our servicemen/servicewomen, and sharing my love of fishing in alaska


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                    Military Appreciation Day

                    June 7th is scheduled in Valdez for military appreciation day. Some of the members of the Prince William Sound Charter Boat Association and private individuals will donating their time and boats. I will post more as I find out more.


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                      Thank you for the postings. If you guys can give me the 5 W's then I will send it to the military bases for more information for them.

                      Who: Who is invited and involved
                      What: What is the event about
                      When: Time and date of the event
                      Where: Where is it located and is there a link up place to pick up service members
                      Why: Why is it being put on

                      These are the questions that will be asked of me when i contact the bases.

                      Daytrips can be a dime a dozen if you guys want to commit. Those are easy because they do not involve lodging and long term transportation.

                      If you can plan for lets say the first Saturday of every month being a military day and pick one base to meet service members and go out for the day I am sure they would appreciate it. Makes it easier for others to plan around their schedules and if they miss one then they always have the next month to look forward to. Little things to instill hope in a soldiers life where somethings may seem hopeless. Gives them (and you) something to look forward to. Just an idea.



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                        Info on the Seward Military Fishing Tournament held for OIF / OEF returnees.


                        You might notice that the website says 2008, but the organizers of the event assure me that they intend to do it annually and that there will be an event this year.


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                          Thanks for posting the information. I will post it on our site as well to hopefully get some support for it. Keep em coming. Mike


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                            I would and could take a couple guys out when i get back in country April/ May time frame. Fort Rich is not far from me, i am flexable on dates, it would be a couple days out on the water. PM me for more details
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                              Sounds good T. Wish I could make it up to Alaska. I know its beautiful and rugged. My kind of life... We will get some soldiers out this year for sure! Mike


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