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Whittier Silvers?

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  • Whittier Silvers?

    Are there any fish to be caught in the harbor or Salmon run area. I was there last weekend and it was hit or miss. Any recent reports would be great.

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    reports from whittier

    I gave two people my cell phone so they could give me reports for Saturday and Sunday. One called me last night and one today, both the same. Horrible weather and no fish being caught. I'm thinking it's a storm, sometimes those silvers just go down and keep their mouths closed. Also they could not see the fish due to overcast, windy surfaces, and rain, so they could not spot fish or snag accurately. With that report and the fact that it's downpouring right now I'm not going. I need to take two people fishing tomorrow and I have to figure out where. Maybe the Anchor for steelhead. If anyone has any ideas then I would appreciate it.
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      Likewise, I was there on Friday and there were no fish at any of the locations we checked out.

      According to others, the sealions had been actively making the rounds before we arrived.

      Ended up writing off the trip as simply a scenic drive in the rain.

      Think I'm done fishing for the year now. Will try to run the smoker as much as possible before the snow comes.


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        Whittier Silvers

        Thanks for the info guys, I think salmon fishing is pretty much over for all of us around here this year. O-well, we can look forward to King season starting next May. Good luck fishing, try some ice fishing. I had very good luck in a couple of the local lakes last year.


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          Whittier Silvers

          Does anyone know how long the silvers are available in Whittier. Do the fish just swim around between the harbor, whittier creek and other near shore areas until they die. I have heard that there are fish available up into November there. It seems that they have lockjaw very quickly after arriving in these areas.


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            After a week without fishing, I've already got the itch to give it ANOTHER "one last try." Guess I'll keep saying that until the snow finally keeps me away for good this season.

            Two weeks ago, the vast majority of silvers caught were chromers. At this point, I suspect the fish are still in decent shape. The only hitch is finding them. Therefore, after reconsideration, I'm encouraged by the prospects for this weekend, especially with the sunny weather forecast.

            I'll try to exercise some willpower and focus on completing several necessary projects around the house on Saturday and Sunday. However, with visions of salmon swimming in my head, I just may end up giving in to the urge of making another trek to Whittier.

            Fish on!!!


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              I agree with you completely, I keep telling the wife that it will be my last fishing trip. But I don't think I will give up until the snow is accumulating here in Anchorage. The key is very much finding where the silvers are when fishing whittier. They seemed to pretty much escape me everytime I have been there this year. Only had one decent day in Salmon Run.


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                Since I don't have a boat to float the upper Kenai this weekend, I'm giving some thought to making a run over to Whittier. Still no snow, so perhaps there are still some silvers finning around. Anyone care to share a recent report?


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