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  • March fishing

    With spring break right around the corner I was wondering if there is any good fishing around south?
    We may be trying to rent an RV and heading south for some general R&R and am looking at Homer or Kodiak for the week.
    We have a 7 and 8y/o that likes to fish but my wife is not too keen. She likes warmth, hiking, and the beach.
    Yeah I know, not here in March but I'm trying.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      Originally posted by ak_powder_monkey View Post

      I've been pretty resistant making comments on your other posts, but comon man, are you serious? Do you really lack the drive to give information when its needed, but then are willing to write a paragraph or two on criticizing everyone else out there? If you dont have anything helpful to say dont say it at all.


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        Homer sounds like a great option for your family, drive the RV down and setup camp on the spit. You can go to lands end and try your luck surfcasting for flounders, cods, dollys, and even the possibility of a butt. There also might be some steelhead action going on in the anchor (Not sure?) but that would be worth askin about, btw anchor river is a GREAT place to camp even when fish arent there, its beautiful. If you have access to a boat, halibut could be taken- might have to scout for em though.

        There also might be opportunities for winter king fishin in the salt, and for your wife- beachcombing on a homer day is awesome, beautiful scenery as well down there- ask member homerdave here about hiking and such, hes from homer obviously and knows ALOT about the area.

        take care



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          Sorry to say that the Anchor is closed to fishing in March. Should be some winter kings available in either Homer or Seward with pretty a pretty good chance to get into some fish.


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