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  • AKmud
    Great story!

    Thanks for sharing it. It's nice to know there are still a few people out there willing to do the right thing. Thanks George!

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  • mart
    started a topic A great guy!

    A great guy!

    Though I ought to share my fishing experience from this season. I had the opportunity to see the best in mankind.

    I had my family (wife, mom and stepdad) down on the Kenai for some reds. My stepdad had never caught a salmon before and I wanted to send mom and him back to the lower 48 with some fresh caught salmon. He has some health issues but was game for a few hours along the river.

    We stopped at my favorite spot and were soon catching reds. He got his first and was elated. Before long though the moving water flowing past him set off his inner ear problem and we had to get him back to the cabin to lie down. In the haste to get back to the cabin I grabbed all the equipment and tossed it in the boat...........I thought.

    While I was breaking the rods down for the return trip to Wasilla I realized my favorite rod was still leaning against the bank. I didn't say anything because he and mom would have insisted that I go back for it but I knew he didn't feel well. I just hoped that who ever found it was in need of a really good set up and would get lots of good use out of it.

    Well two days later I got a call from a gentleman named George. He asked me right off the bat if I was a forgetful kind of fellow because he had found my rod (had my name and address on a label on the rod) and reel. I assured him I tended to be at times but shared the story with him. He let me know that my rod worked really well to catch fish and that he was going to be in Anchorage on Saturday and would meet me to return the rod. I thanked him profusely. We met at the prescribed place and time and I nearly had to force a small reward on him.

    Anyway, it' nice to know that there are still good folks out there, and it pays to put your name and address on your equipment. George if you read this forum thank you and good fishing.


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