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  • Skilak outlet

    I was wondering if you can use bait by the Kenai R. outlet where most people fish at(by the edge of the ice). I know the regs say you can use bait to within 1/4 mile of the outlet, but at that point, by the edge of the ice, can you use bait?

    Thanks, Maxim

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    ... that 1/4 mile line is rather ambiguous isn't it? It would appear that most of the fishing occurs beyond that imaginary line... who's going to measure it off anyway? Better safe than sorry some would say. :rolleyes:

    I'd like to know if anyone has been catching anything up there. I'm going today I think.


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      watch the ice

      I had the misfortune of taking a swim at the outlet last weekend. I am always very cautious there as I have seen more than once how this ice is unpredictable and fast changing. I was at least 75 yards back from the open water but wandered a few too many feet towards the channel, which can be very hard to detect. When the ice gave way it was a rude awakening and a sick feeling for me. I was lucky that my fleece coat stuck to the ice when i spun around and got my arms up on it (probably because it was 5 below) I got lucky. 50/50 it ended differently. I could feel the current pulling my legs under the ice. Please be careful out there if you go. We caught some very nice trout, including a rainbow that was beautiful chrome and about 9 pounds. I rode back to the truck and dried out the best i could..... I wasn't going to pull the wimp clause after already pulling the worm clause........:cool:


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        Went out to Skilak today with Sayak, didn't catch a thing, not even a nibble. Was a gorgeous day, though. Couldn't ask for a better day to skunk.


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          Yes, but...

          ... Maxim jinxed me.:rolleyes:


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            Still a success

            because at least nobody went swimming...... :rolleyes:


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