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Shrimp in whittier?

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  • Shrimp in whittier?

    I would like to start shrimping this next summer and want to know if whittier is a good spot to start. Any and all information I can get on shrimping will be much appreciated. Good luck to all next summer.
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    Welcome to the forums, motorboatn. You'll find that these boards are an invaluable resource, although if you're not careful you'll end up spending all of your free time here!

    As for shrimping, the best thing you can do is to read through the forum archives. I would start by doing a search here using the seach tools at the top of the page. After that, follow the link to the old forums (we changed software earlier this year) and do a search there. There has been volumes written on shrimping in Prince William Sound on these forums already, with most of that focused on the Whittier side of the Sound. Spend a few hours reading through what has already been posted, and then if you have more specific questions come back and throw them out there. People here are a friendly bunch, but you may as well make use of the knowledge already shared.



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      try Pigot bay in 420'-430' basically deep as you can find inside the bay. A decent starter spot that is no secret. I like fresh halibut and salmon carcasses for bait. Good luck and safe boating.


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        Search the archives on this web site and visit the old one to. I got a ton of info. Seward you have to go far, and Whitter you can go right outside the harbor.
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          Drop me a PM and i'll try to answer any questions you have. By the way i build some good fishing shrimp pots and will be also carrying shrimp pellets(bait) for the coming season.
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