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Winter time seasonal movment

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  • Winter time seasonal movment

    Have people noticed fish changing their movements/locations at different times of year?

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    I've noticed it during the ice fishing season. At the start of the winter, I've found fish to be more active and in the shallow waters. I'm quite sure that it has to do with the oxygen levels and aquatic vegetation dying as the winter progresses. Typically, I have found fish in the deeper portions of lakes during the later winter months.
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      Thanks. I was wondering because one of my spots that I found this year seems to have dried up, and I was wondering if the fish moved or if something else was going on.


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        Big Dog 60,

        Drill a lot of holes and keep moving. Fish will move depending mostly on oxygen (vegetation dieing off depletes it) and food supply.

        In my experience fish seem to move a lot when they know I'm coming


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          The fish will move a little bit, but they are generally very sluggish until March or so when you get some nice warmup. Everything I've heard says fish deep and on the bottom, but I've heard thats where the oxygen is least so it can be a crap shoot. Keep moving, keep trying.
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            Heading out ice fishing next week for 3 days to Shell Lake...last week hit Crosswinds lake...lots of fun. Hope we find them this week.
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