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  • Ak Fishing News: Kenai School Egg Take Oct 10 & 11

    This news clip is from Alaska Fishing News. Discussion is welcome, but these robot generated news threads are not monitored by the webmaster.

    From an ADFG News Release:

    The Alaska Department of Fish and Game Aquatic Education Program and the Kenai Peninsula School District will be starting this year’s school “Salmon in the Classroom” projects with two silver (coho) salmon egg-takes at Bear Creek in Seward, October 10 and at the Anchor River Wayside October 11.

    Daily schedules are:

    9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 10 at the Bear Creek weir
    10:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m., Wednesday, October 11 at the Anchor River wayside

    The general public may attend these egg-takes.

    The eggs for both egg-takes will be taken from Bear Creek fish.

    Fourteen Kenai Peninsula area schools are sending approximately 500 students to this event, while eggs will be delivered to 7 schools unable to attend the event. The “Salmon in the Classroom” program is designed to teach students about the life cycle, biology, habitat requirements and anatomy of salmon, Alaska’s most important fish. Each class takes up to 500 eggs for its aquarium, then students observe the developing salmon and record their observations. When the salmon reach the fry stage, sometime in May, the students will release the fish into local designated landlocked lakes or Bear Creek.

    Salmon in the Classroom egg-takes will also be held in Anchorage, Palmer, Valdez, Cordova and Kodiak.

    Please call Patti Berkhahn in Soldotna at (907) 260-2943, or e-mail at patricia_berkhahn@fishgame.state.ak.us if you have any questions or comments. During the Kenai Peninsula area egg-takes, Patti can be reached at (907) 394-0977.

    For additional information contact Patti Berkhahn, Kenai Peninsula Aquatic Education Biologist, (907) 260-2943

    Read the individual article on Alaska Fishing News...

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