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Question for drift boat owners on Kenai

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  • Question for drift boat owners on Kenai

    I am looking into buying either a 16/17' or a 19' willie drift boat. I was wondering if you drift boat owners out there can help me with the difficulties of rowing a larger boat vs. a smaller one on the Kenai River. It looks like the bigger boat weighs about 150-200 lbs. more.

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    The bigger Willie (19 - 20') is actually easier to row than the 16 - 17' model. For the Kenai or the Kasilof I would not even hesitate in getting the bigger model as it has more storage space, thus more space to take your friends, and it will be easier to sell when you are ready to get a newer one.


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      She rows one almost every day from May to October and she's closer to the short end of 5'



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        no hesitation. 19' willie rows very similar to the smaller version, and is 1000x more comfortable for everyone. plus you can fish more of your friends

        fishing isn't about life or death... it's more important than that.


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          Larger the better with at least a 60" bottom. Tons of room. The smaller boats can be a cluster when the big one hits.


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            My friend has a 21' (not sure) and it is so much nicer to fish from then my 16' cataraft. I think a big part of the decision is how many people you plan on taking. I, as well as many others, have bought a boat only to sell it a short time later for the next sized up. I am on my 3rd ocean boat and would love to go bigger but the budget won't allow it. Buy the biggest boat you can afford.



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              The bigger the better for the Kenai and Kasilof. It will hold better with the bigger bottom, especially if you load it up. If you are thinking of doing some smaller rivers, a smaller boat is nice. I am in the valley a lot and have banged my 17' clackacraft around. I don't think the big Willie battle ship would fit.


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                Big is better

                The widder and longer drift boat is nice. My first drift boat was 48" wide and its a good thing I was a young man. Talk about alot of work to back troll with that narrow thing. The 60" wide Willie is a dream to row. Get the biggest one you can afford and go catch some fish.


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                  Thanks to everyone for their advice. I really appreciate it. I am going for the 2003 19'x66 Willie. Can't wait for summer.


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