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  • George lake map

    Has anyone found a bathymetric map for George Lake, down between Delta and Tok? If anyone has a link to one , I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Kim

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    I hope you find one as it would be nice to have. Have you tried contacting fish and game in Delta? I have also heard there is now a public use cabin there as well but have not been able to find any info online? Haven't been in there since the early 90's talk about bringing back memories!

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      I've looked on the net pretty extensively, and I can't find any bathymetric maps for George Lake. :confused:
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        I'd guess that nobody has made one, Bathymetric maps don't just come out of thin air.
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          State Lake Maps

          I do not see anything on the attached state website. Is it possible that its on federal land? Or have another name besides George Lake?

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            Capt. I have one in hand.... Would be more than happy to get it to you.
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              Thanks a lot! I just sent you a PM.


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